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Little Thing

By Thebangtoddowenwaldorf @BangLiving

The Little Hyundai that can.  So when I came back from Australia I bought a car.  I shopped around with price in Little Thingmind first, and then fuel economy.  Having just returned from Australia where they don’t have a plethora of gas guzzling cars, the chord had been struck, and I wanted to go the “better for the environment” route.  A bit over six weeks later and two trips across our great expanse of a country and I can report that I am happy with my decision.

The Little Hyundai doesn’t come without its personality quirks.  First off, it’s a she.  I don’t know why, and I don’t have to, the fact is she is a she and I’m not asking questions about it.  When I began my drive from Florida to Nevada, a thirty-seven hour drive if you don’t sleep or eat, it wasn’t an easy start.  Not even one full mile from my parents home the car died.  I called up my father and began laughing.  “I didn’t make it to Vegas, Dad.”  We hit the gas tank with a hammer a few times and Presto-Change-O the car started and I was on my way.  There were a few other issues with overheating and windshield

Little Thing
wipers that made more of a mess than helped clear my vision, but the Little Hyundai eventually got me to Las Vegas.  She even acted as an igloo in New Mexico when I slept in the car only to wake up to it frozen over with ice.  I can’t deny it.  I’ve fallen for this little car.

When I arrived in Vegas I drove to check out a place to rent.  I didn’t find it immediately and pulled over into a Maccas to figure out where to go.  She had driven from one side of the country to the other in two and a half days and had enough.  So there I sat, so close, but so far.  Eventually I made it to my new Vegas home, and I also learned that the car overheats without the air-con blowing.  I love personality.  I love this car.

She leaks oil too.  Yep, she sure does.  All over the place, like a wet dog out of a fresh bath as it shakes itself dry.  The equivalent of emptying a

Little Thing
quart of oil in front of a leaf blower.  That’s what the under side of my car looks like, the Exxon Valdez disaster happens every time I drive.  I love it.  Ya I know, it sort of defeats the whole environmental angle, doesn’t it?  No worries, I’m on it.  I fixed that little quirk.  Oil spill contained.

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