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Expat Housing: Bond With Your Bidet Paperblog Pick in Expat

Expat Housing: How to Bond With Your Bidet

Tweet I found myself on my knees last week cleaning not only a bidet, but also a urinal (so elegantly called a pissoir by the French).  This was a new experience for me.  Being of... Read more

Expat Life: Baby Steps Country Paperblog Pick in Expat

Expat Life: Baby Steps in a New Country

Tweet Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be a baby?  Would you like to find out?  All you have to do is move to a foreign country where the local language is not one you... Read more


  • Lichtenstein Castle: 7 Interesting Things

    Lichtenstein Castle: Interesting Things

    Chances are that unless you live in Germany, you haven’t heard of Lichtenstein Castle (or Schloss Lichtenstein in German).  Here are seven interesting things I... Read more

    The 03 May 2011 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure
  • Why Dresden is One of the Best Places to Visit in Germany

    Dresden Best Places Visit Germany

    Was it worth driving 500km to visit Dresden for two days? Yes and here are 5 reasons why Dresden is one of the best places to visit in Germany Read more

    The 09 May 2011 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure
  • Onward to Denmark, Western Australia

    Aussie Facts: A “boot” is a car trunk, a “trolly” is a grocery kart, “thongs” are flip-flops, and bed linen is called “Manchester”I heard about Osama Bin... Read more

    The 03 May 2011 by   Thebangtoddowenwaldorf
  • Capture the Essence of a City in Germany: In One Photo

    Capture Essence City Germany: Photo

    Capture the essence of a city in Germany: In One Photograph. This was the challenge put out to Expat in Germany readers and fellow travel bloggers. Read more

    The 16 May 2011 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure
  • Discovering the Roman Limes in Germany

    Discovering Roman Limes Germany

    If you’re interested in discovering the Roman Limes in Germany, (the border of the Roman Empire), and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you have a lot of... Read more

    The 23 May 2011 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure
  • Hohenzollern Castle – One of Germany’s Top Visited Castles

    Hohenzollern Castle Germany’s Visited Castles

    Hohenzollern Castle was the second castle I ever visited in Germany – talk about getting spoiled! It set a high precedent for all future castles that I would... Read more

    The 25 May 2011 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure
  • Boys Are Failing As Writers

    Boys Failing Writers

    If you ever volunteered in any classroom, the differences between boys and girls are distinct. The girls sit quietly listening to the teacher while the boys... Read more

    The 01 May 2011 by   Expatdoctormom1
  • Surfing in Munich

    Surfing Munich

    ? Why not. Although Munich is likely not the first place that comes to mind when you think of surfing, river surfing is quite popular along the man-made... Read more

    The 30 May 2011 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure
  • Standing Stones of Callanish, Scotland

    Standing Stones Callanish, Scotland

    The Standing Stones of Callanish are located on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. They are the second largest stone... Read more

    The 05 May 2011 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure
  • Australian Prices Vs. American Prices

    Australian Prices American

    People living in Australia- natives, expats, whomever... are well aware (or if they're not, they should be) that Aussie prices are OUT. OF. CONTROL. Read more

    The 19 May 2011 by   Floridagirlinsydney


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