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Reflections - January Challenges

It has been a month full of posts as part of the Ultimate Blog challenge, and I hope you have found some thing to inspire you. Read more

Project Paperblog Pick in Creativity

New Project

There are quite a few of you out there who will already be aware of my latest project, particularly those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter But for those that don't--- an... Read more


  • Bloggers Block and Borrowed Inspiration

    Bloggers Block Borrowed Inspiration

    Hello fellow bloggers! Hope you’re all enjoying the first week of your new year.  I’ve found myself in a bit of a tough place now that I’m using my... Read more

    The 07 January 2013 by   Crossstitchyourheart
  • "To Travel Is To Live"

    Travel Live"

    What I wouldn't give to go out into the world and travel day and night. To drive to the airport and catch the first plane out of here. I want to immerse myself... Read more

    The 12 January 2013 by   Sophielarge
  • Creating a Creative Environment for Children

    Creating Creative Environment Children

    Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to my email feed or look at my eBook. “Creativity is inventing,... [[ This is a content summary... Read more

    The 30 January 2013 by   Maliasa
  • Free Crochet Pattern: Hujoo Baby Dress

    Free Crochet Pattern: Hujoo Baby Dress

    *I made an edit , I totally wrote it down wrong, sorry. Everything should be correct now. This pattern should be easy to scale up or down for other small... Read more

    The 31 January 2013 by   Afamiliarillusion
  • DIY a Hoth Winter Wonderland With Star Wars Snowflakes

    Hoth Winter Wonderland With Star Wars Snowflakes

    via Mashable Eric LarsonNov 19, 2012 More good news for Star Wars enthusiasts. As if an announcement of a new franchise andAngry Birds collaboration weren’t... Read more

    The 08 January 2013 by   Roxannebarbour
  • Indie Monday: New Adult Authors of Genesis: XII

    Indie Monday: Adult Authors Genesis:

    Happy Indie Monday! This week you get to enjoy a joint guest post by New Adult co-authors Brian Palmer and Jason Rowe, the creators of an amazing... Read more

    The 07 January 2013 by   Selane
  • Be~Witching: One Size Does Not Fit All!

    Having been a fairly voluptuous woman for my entire adult life and having fought against my own body for decades, when this picture originally appeared in V... Read more

    The 09 January 2013 by   Bethschreibmangehring
  • Cosmic Art: Fire & Ice

    Cosmic Art: Fire

    Here are two “hot” paintings (fire) and two “cold” (ice). This past week I felt compelled to explore both color temperatures–fire consisting primarily of reds,... Read more

    The 23 January 2013 by   Artbycedar
  • Tinctures, Tonics and Teas: Fire Cider

    Tinctures, Tonics Teas: Fire Cider

    I don't know how cold it is where you live but here in Northeast Ohio it's very chilly at this time of year. In January when the temperatures dip into the singl... Read more

    The 19 January 2013 by   Bethschreibmangehring
  • Love's Glory - A Sensuous Salsa Dance

    Love's Glory Sensuous Salsa Dance

    Baby, find me some glory Sweet glory of holding youOf touching your luscious lips And kissing you a good morning too!Touch your soft cherry lips with mine Hold... Read more

    The 14 January 2013 by   Chhavivatwani


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