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Francisco: Balloons Napa Valley Paperblog Pick in Creativity

San Francisco: Hot Air Balloons and Napa Valley

Mr. A saved our last day in San Francisco for the biggest surprise of all, a hot air balloon ride in Napa Valley.  Napa Valley is only a few hours drive north of San Francisco. Read more

Oggl Update Allows Importing From Camera Roll Paperblog Pick in Creativity

Oggl Update Allows Importing From Camera Roll

I've said it before - I've never been much of a Hipstamatic fan. I love the results other people get, but I don't have the patience to switch lenses and films to get the look I... Read more


  • Be Nice, It’s My Birthday.

    Nice, It’s Birthday.

    Today, the Daily Post reminded me to reach out to people like a giant man-eating octopus, and I figured that since today was my birthday– it was the perfect tim... Read more

    The 27 August 2013 by   Rarasaur
  • What to Read This Week: I Couldn’t Narrow It Down to Just 3 This Week…because...

    What Read This Week: Couldn’t Narrow Down Just Week…because Books Awesome.

    Here are the books I  can’t help but add to my to-read list this week and think you should too.The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black: I’m sick of YA... Read more

    The 25 August 2013 by   Crossstitchyourheart
  • I Dream A Dream That Won’t Let Me Sleep

    Dream That Won’t Sleep

    And with that, you can guess that my second novel is almost ready. A whole new dream, a whole new bunch of hopes and wishes. And a renewed stream of doubts and... Read more

    The 18 August 2013 by   Jyoti Arora
  • I Love Dropbox and Dropsync!

    Love Dropbox Dropsync!

    Dropbox, anyone!What’s Dropbox? “One place for all your stuff, wherever you are.” - from DropboxDropbox is my first cloud sync storage. At first I wanted a... Read more

    The 14 August 2013 by   Aearthr
  • 2 New Paintings of Solar Eclipses

    Paintings Solar Eclipses

    This painting is called “Eclipse in an Ancient Land.” I love the misty veil of atmosphere that gives way to the depth of space, and the way the enormous clouds... Read more

    The 20 August 2013 by   Artbycedar
  • When M&M;’s Attack, And Other Unlikely Lawsuits

    When M&M;’s Attack, Other Unlikely Lawsuits

    I do a monthly cartoon illustration for Inside Counsel Magazine. It’s for a humor feature about strange lawsuits.They send me short descriptions of four cases. ... Read more

    The 08 August 2013 by   Mrstrongest
  • Sometimes, Bow


    He’s, comfort is what description of touch and feel is to my blinded senses. As He,shields me from the blinding winds. Winds, that want me to take flight and... Read more

    The 28 August 2013 by   Leah-Jlynn
  • God-Sized Reviewed

    God-Sized Reviewed

    Though,  my little vacation has ended. I have now, ended my first day back to work at both my jobs, in one day. I’ am  feeling refreshed and recharged. I’am... Read more

    The 12 August 2013 by   Leah-Jlynn
  • Borrowed Inspiration for Your Week: Junk Journal Edition

    Borrowed Inspiration Your Week: Junk Journal Edition

    Good morning, bloggers! Hope you’re all ready to start the new week. I’ve got a massive list of things that have all just popped up this week, which would happe... Read more

    The 12 August 2013 by   Crossstitchyourheart
  • San Francisco: Twin Peaks and the Cliff House

    Francisco: Twin Peaks Cliff House

    Mr. A was lucky enough to get a flight from DC to San Francisco that landed around lunchtime West Coast time.  While it meant that we had to get up super early... Read more

    The 16 August 2013 by   Msadams


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