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  • Butterfly Party

    Butterfly Party

    I decided to dabble in a little watercolor this weekend. It ws fun to go back to something light and delicate. I was able to get nice results even though they... Read more

    The 21 February 2011 by   Dolci
  • A New Name for Romeo

    Name Romeo

    Romeo and Juliet by Sir Frank DickseeI’ve always loved the name “Elio”. It comes from the Greek Helios, meaning “sun”. For an Italian name, it’s comparatively... Read more

    The 25 February 2011 by   Heddigoodrich
  • My New Résumé


    Heddi Goodrich, Writer47c The Best Street in the Worst NeighborhoodAuckland New Zealandemail: [email protected](photo may be a bit out of date) KEY... Read more

    The 06 February 2011 by   Heddigoodrich
  • One Mother of a Book

    Mother Book

    The most unbelievable of unbelievable events has happened. No, my crow’s feet haven’t disappeared overnight. No, rising sea levels have not made our house... Read more

    The 11 February 2011 by   Heddigoodrich
  • January 25th, 2011: A Sensational Revolution

    January 25th, 2011: Sensational Revolution

    I never cease learning; it's a never-stoppingprocess. We come to embrace personalities based upon distinct encounters. Theidleness of our minds inspires... Read more

    The 05 February 2011 by   Muhammadhazem
  • Visit Myrtle Beach!!!!

    Visit Myrtle Beach!!!!

    Six more weeks and Spring will be here!!! .I can't wait to feel the heat of the sun and the snow melted and open my pool and see my flowers open, But that's me ... Read more

    The 09 February 2011 by   Madamidea
  • The View


    A while ago, I was asked to create a painting for my sister-in-law's guest room.For a while I put the idea on a back burner. I just couldn't come up with a... Read more

    The 17 February 2011 by   Dolci
  • Hello Again

    Hello Again

    The wedding is 4 months away. There’s sooooo much to do and I have to wait to do most of it. We’ve chosen the cake. I’m glad that’s over with. I found my shoes... Read more

    The 14 February 2011 by   Kristineduffey
  • Fashion Week 2011

    Fashion Week 2011

    Love the new in in fashion? , Love the new style for spring, summer, autumn or winter?.Fashion week , fashion week will held in the mother of the fashion New... Read more

    The 03 February 2011 by   Madamidea
  • Islam: Feminism in Its Genuine Form

    Islam: Feminism Genuine Form

    This is coming out truthfully of a guy who readabout women in Islam and found himself subconsciously nodding. Everyregulation makes complete sense. Read more

    The 07 February 2011 by   Muhammadhazem

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