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  • My Life Below Zero...

    Life Below Zero...

    We moved to Scotland from London in 1955, it was February, the house was cold with ice on the inside of the windows. So that was my introduction to freezing... Read more

    The 01 February 2019 by   Ashleylister
  • Happy New Year and Welcome Back to Long Island Daily Photo..

    Happy Year Welcome Back Long Island Daily Photo..

    I'm guessing like many people, I've spent the first weeks of 2019 decluttering. Everything from Christmas decorations to obsolete electronics, papers,... Read more

    The 01 February 2019 by   Lily Hydrangea
  • Morning Interlude

    Morning Interlude

    "Morning will come, it has no choice." ― Marty Rubin Walking along the path at dawn I am especially aware of the silence. There is a quiet that hangs in... Read more

    The 01 February 2019 by   Berijoy
  • Tacky -- What's in a Word?

    Tacky What's Word?

    When corresponding recently with a friend regarding amaryllis, I mentioned that, growing up in Florida where a neighbor had a whole straggling hedge-like row... Read more

    The 02 February 2019 by   Vickilane
  • The Countdown Continues: Stay Tuned for Murder to Be Released Tuesday, Feb. 12th.

    Countdown Continues: Stay Tuned Murder Released Tuesday, Feb. 12th.

    I had fun reading Dead Air by Mary Kennedy and you can pre-order her newest release today, if you'd like. This is Book 3 of the Radio Talk Show Mysteries. Anyon... Read more

    The 02 February 2019 by   Lizmckeown1955
  • Romance is in the Air: Welcome, February!

    Romance Air: Welcome, February!

    Here comes February, which means the first 31 days of 2019 are behind us. I have been struck with the passage of time, unaware that it was February until I... Read more

    The 04 February 2019 by   Selane
  • Where is Everybody?

    Where Everybody?

    These photos were taken in February, '09 during a major reconstruction happening in NYC's Washington Square Park. This part of the park had just been opened to... Read more

    The 04 February 2019 by   Lily Hydrangea
  • The Marrige of Opposites

    Marrige Opposites

    Another intriguing novel from a fine author. The Marriage of Opposites deals with the life of Rachel Pomie, a member of a small Jewish community on St. Thomas i... Read more

    The 05 February 2019 by   Vickilane
  • Remember When It Used to Blizzard?

    Remember When Used Blizzard?

    Today it's a balmy 47 degrees and the rest of this week the temperature is going up to 53 degrees. Just for the record, it is February 5th, 2019. These... Read more

    The 05 February 2019 by   Lily Hydrangea
  • Changed My Name , Change My Life…

    Changed Name Change Life…

    This blog piece is about change and how changing my name to "Make Me Happy" when I went to South Africa, changed my life. Well first of all... I acquiesced. I... Read more

    The 02 February 2019 by   Jenrene


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