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  • New Comic Strip, New Hopes and New Ideas...

    Comic Strip, Hopes Ideas...

    Well, once again, here I am apologising for not having gotten around to posting on this, my launch pad site for the many ideas I have and the projects I... Read more

    The 29 September 2014 by   Karl
  • 36/52


    L: Pretending to fish for your sisters over the edge of the retaining wall. The sunshine has been so good for us :)H: You are such a great bike rider - and I... Read more

    The 09 September 2014 by   Leonied
  • Knights in Shining Armor

    Knights Shining Armor

    Facebook is so insidious -- it's easy to get caught up in other people's drama. I've gotten better about refraining from jumping into an argument with people... Read more

    The 05 September 2014 by   Vickilane
  • TFR’s Malacca Travel Guide – Part 2 Accomodation

    TFR’s Malacca Travel Guide Part Accomodation

    Above photo is the front balcony view from my hostel. Not to mistaken as my room view which has no window to the outside. This is my first time staying in a... Read more

    The 15 September 2014 by   Aearthr
  • Calm Down, Dad! Here, Have A Donut– They’re Simply Irresistible

    Calm Down, Dad! Here, Have Donut– They’re Simply Irresistible

    As mentioned in this August post, I did some illustrations for an essay called In My Clothes. In it, the author looks back on her life, using the clothes she wa... Read more

    The 05 September 2014 by   Mrstrongest
  • I Love Panda

    Love Panda

    Today’s theme is Panda.Characterised by its large, distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its round body, the cute Panda is China’... Read more

    The 12 September 2014 by   Aearthr
  • Word for the Week - Isaiah 40:31

    Word Week Isaiah 40:31

    But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be... Read more

    The 21 September 2014 by   Realityarts
  • Material Mondays - Quilted Art Wall Hangings

    Material Mondays Quilted Wall Hangings

    Fabric ArtBeginning layers of paint are appliedAbout a couple of months ago I started some fabric art projects, that used some quilting techniques, while... Read more

    The 15 September 2014 by   Realityarts
  • Listen - Mixed Media Art Painting

    Listen Mixed Media Painting

    I love music, a range of and know that music has a healing effect on our bodies. Here is a painting that I have been working on.....Listening to the soundsTo th... Read more

    The 21 September 2014 by   Realityarts
  • Wise Words: Once Upon A Meadow

    Wise Words: Once Upon Meadow

    Feeling utterly relaxed after a wonderful time in the Garden Tent, I went for a wander into the meadow. It was quiet, peaceful and full of insects and... Read more

    The 19 September 2014 by   Miscriant


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