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Oh Dear, Geoffrey! - Book Reivew

By Maliasa
Oh Dear, Geoffrey! - Book reivew

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Oh Dear, Geoffrey! By Gemma O’NeilMeet Geoffrey – an unforgettable rather tall and clumsy giraffe. Wonderful illustrations capture his struggle of to find friends. Suddenly he has plenty of friends because he can show them something they have never noticed before. Long neck and legs are great for star watching!
Oh Dear, Geoffrey! - Book reivew
Oh Dear, Geoffrey! - Book reivew
The book Oh dear, Geoffrey! is suitable to use with children to explore what the world looks like from someone else’s perspective. Taking the view of other people and animals into account can lead to important insights. Perspective taking involves deciding how the world looks from someone else view.  A child has to consider how someone else thinks, and feels.
Considering the world from the perspective of someone else, challenges you to reflect on the benefits and negative aspects of different circumstances. Putting yourself into someone else’s shoes is never easy. Imagination and different ways to trick your mind to explore the world from someone’s else perspective is often necessary and books like this one is a wonderful tool to use.  For some more  inspiration click here

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