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Creating a Creative Environment for Children

By Maliasa

Creating a Creative Environment for Children

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“Creativity is inventingexperimentinggrowingtaking risksbreaking rulesmaking mistakes, and having fun.” Mary Lou Cook

Creativity does not happen in a vacuum. The psychologist Donald Winnicott suggests that creativity belongs to the feeling of ‘being alive’. Children need to feel emotionally safe enough to make new connections and explore insights. Many children are curious and they may have a desire to explore new ideas and things. Alison Gopnik says that children are born with a desire to explore the world around them. Creativity develops from this innate curiosity.Yet daring to do something different is not easy - an encouraging environment is vital to support and promote creativity. Positive experiences of being trusted to work things out all by yourselves, mixed with feeling connected to other children and people help to make sure that children develop trust in their own ideas. The most fundamental way to promote creativity is to the encouragement of children’s play. We are often told as adults to be more playful in our approach when someone wants us to be creative. Imaginative play, such as role-playing, involves creativity.Creativity and creative thinking is vital in arts as well as science. Creative thinking involves: 
  • Investigating
  • Discovering,
  • Inventing
  • Cooperating

To inspire our children to be amazed and interested in the world, we can:
  • Let children play
  • Introduce new materials
  • Encourage wordplay and storytelling
  • Let children use their bodies and explore different ways of moving
  • Make music and art
  • Do things together like cooking
  • Explore nature and observe animals 

Imagining new animals is a create way to inspire creativity.  I found photoshopped pictures that can be used to invent a story, explore new ways of making sounds or moving around. Why not make up your own new species. Make a drawing, or build a new animal out of clay or Lego.
Creating a Creative Environment for Children


Creating a Creative Environment for Children
Photo: "Looking Through The Keyhole" by Tina Phillips
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