Hey I'm Kat, I'm a Freelance Writer who writes predominantly about beauty and entertainment. My main aim is to encourage people to be more positive, not just about life, but about how they view themselves, because I believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful.


  • Barefoot Girl Writes

    Barefoot Girl isn't just a beauty blogger, she's also a Writer. Come discover what she's writing, and how she would love to work with you :)

  • Kat Musselwhite

    A place where I share everything to do with writing, books, inspirations and freelancing.

  • A Barefoot Girl

    An independent blog that is dedicated to cosmetics, beauty products and encouraging positivity towards ourselves and each other.

  • Entertained

    Here at the Entertained HQ, we are really bored about how obsessed the entertainment industry has become with this whole "celebrity culture".

    To be frank, we couldn't care less about how much money Kerry Katona has pilfered down the drain on drugs, or which pop star is slagging off which Hollywood actress.

    We want to know what films are being made, when our favourite TV shows are coming back, and what Video Games are heading our way soon!

    We want to discuss the areas of the business that matter to us. And no, that does not include the colour of Britney Spears' underwear!!

    It's all pretty simple, really. We just want to be entertained!