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  • Where is Love Now??? Introducing Aarti Upadhyay

    Where Love Now??? Introducing Aarti Upadhyay

    Dear Reader, Let me take the pleasure of introducing you to one of my dear friend Aarti who is a new Blogger and you would get to read her more often once she... Read more

    The 02 January 2013 by   Shamsud
  • When Boss Fixes Things

    When Boss Fixes Things

    Another Road Show opened today, on the other side of the mountain.  …Twenty minutes before the doors opened, we were notified by our client that our display... Read more

    The 25 January 2013 by   Shewritesalittle
  • Breakfast at "amy's Place"

    Breakfast "amy's Place"

    "tournefeuille a to z..." inspired this breakfast post from my visit to rhode island last sunday. that rye bread you see in the photo above? absolutely superb.... Read more

    The 09 January 2013 by   Lily Hydrangea
  • Anatomy of an Edit -- “Shine”

    Anatomy Edit “Shine”

    Here is a walk-thru of a recent edit. 1. Original image shot of young woman on tram going to Disneyland with ProCamera. 2. Moved image to Sketch Club where I... Read more

    The 22 January 2013 by   Art Of Mob
  • What's in a YA Book, Thematically Speaking?

    What's Book, Thematically Speaking?

    It's been interesting to watch YA books progress over the years and change into what it is today. And what is it? Basically, YA is anything that is suitable... Read more

    The 23 January 2013 by   Selane
  • Children and Metaphors

    Children Metaphors

    Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to my email feed or look at my eBook.Metaphors reflect processes of thinking and they appear not... Read more

    The 05 January 2013 by   Maliasa
  • The Profound Pair of XX

    Profound Pair

    This poem was written in a response to a post by What's in a name on Facebook. The idea was to write a 500 word creative work inspired by this image they... Read more

    The 15 January 2013 by   Chhavivatwani
  • Give Your House a Total Makeover

    Give Your House Total Makeover

    Does your Living room live? Is your Kitchen the perfect place for the perfect cooking? In short is your house the home you dreamt of it to be? Read more

    The 27 January 2013 by   Nelton
  • Dear SWAL 3.0

    Dear SWAL

    Welcome back to Dear SWAL…our monthly installment of where Marty fwds me her Customer Service woes and I answer them the way we would all want to, if it wouldn’... Read more

    The 31 January 2013 by   Shewritesalittle
  • To My Beagle


    Oh dear boy how you’ve aged…As a pup I loved your floppy ears and soft bellyNow ears are lumpy, feel like hardened jellyThat belly is fat and your hair is half... Read more

    The 13 January 2013 by   Akklemm


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