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ing is a really good exercise to cleanse your soul. My Massi told me an activity she took part in, wherein every one present in that group had to just sit quietly and think of... Read more

Kiss Over Rated? Paperblog Pick in Creativity

Why is a Kiss Over Rated?

Love's thrall behind closed doors naked..Deep inside their world under blankets Bodies heated. But a kiss is what's needed?A soul left to wander alone For long without the lover's... Read more


  • Mount Vernon By Candlelight

    Mount Vernon Candlelight

    Since Mr. A and I live in DC, we always have a plethora of activities to pick from during the holidays.  Because we have such a variety, we like to try out a ne... Read more

    The 19 December 2012 by   Msadams
  • Attention: The World Mayan Today

    Attention: World Mayan Today

    Mayan. Might end. How often do you get to do an apocalyptic pun?Supposedly, the Mayan Long Count Calendar predicts the world will end today, December 21, 2012. Read more

    The 21 December 2012 by   Mrstrongest
  • No Partridge, No Pear Tree, But We Do Have Birds, Trees, And A Famous Saint

    Partridge, Pear Tree, Have Birds, Trees, Famous Saint

    I’ve been doing a Christmas cover illustration for editor Eric Meisfjord and the Inland Register for quite a few years now. I always look forward to it. Read more

    The 16 December 2012 by   Mrstrongest
  • Dear Santa, i Can Explain.

    Dear Santa, Explain.

    dear santa, i’ve been a very good girl this year (minus the regular sailor mouth and that time i lied about that thing. oh, and when i got drunk on st.... Read more

    The 11 December 2012 by   Loveknobbyknees
  • Busker’s Christmas Carol: Miser Beware!

    Busker’s Christmas Carol: Miser Beware!

    As mentioned in this prior post, I used to do a weekly strip about a street musician named Busker. I thought you might enjoy this one from December, 1996,... Read more

    The 24 December 2012 by   Mrstrongest
  • My Biker Boy


    SourceIt's amazing when he's there Smiling his cheeky smile, he staresThat stare he gives,it says"You're all mine," and that he cares.. Read more

    The 22 December 2012 by   Chhavivatwani
  • Pattern for Crochet Finn (or Fiona) Square

    Pattern Crochet Finn Fiona) Square

    …might be more of a rectangle, but that can be managed… Finn: Size J crochet hook Worsted Weight Yarn in blue, white, cream, black, (and a pale yellow for... Read more

    The 11 December 2012 by   Afamiliarillusion
  • Burlap and Lace Table Runner Tutorial

    Burlap Lace Table Runner Tutorial

    I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination but I can thread my machine and sew a straight line, which is exactly what is needed for this project. Read more

    The 06 December 2012 by   Tampster1
  • The Art of Letting Go


    I have heard people mention several a times that the whole point of life was to let go of it, piece by piece and person by person. To gain many a things... Read more

    The 17 December 2012 by   Ruperttwind
  • The Traits of a Honorable Man

    Traits Honorable

    What makes a honorable man? What makes him a Gentleman? Is it what he wears and how he treads ? or is it how he behaves or how he acts upon? Read more

    The 01 December 2012 by   Ruperttwind


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