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  • LEARN - How to Make an iPad Drawing Glove

    LEARN Make iPad Drawing Glove

    If you draw on your iPad, you may have trouble when your hand contacts the screen...I did. You can purchase a glove to help with this problem, but I decided to... Read more

    The 17 July 2012 by   Art Of Mob
  • PAINT - 100 Humans #13 - Ode to Modigliani

    PAINT Humans Modigliani

    Continuing with my One Hundred Humans series, here is another digital painting. This one, inspired by the work of Amedeo Modigliani.I created this artwork on... Read more

    The 14 July 2012 by   Art Of Mob
  • Midnight Blue

    Midnight Blue

    On that night , when the stars were indigo And the sky was turquise When the orb of night, Heard every word you phrased, While the life compassed and gauged,... Read more

    The 08 July 2012 by   Alka Narula
  • Angloville


    I've just spent the last week in the Polish countryside near the Belarus border at Angloville, a language immersion course for Polish people to improve their... Read more

    The 22 July 2012 by   Oojiayu
  • Become a Celebrity Interviewee

    Become Celebrity Interviewee

    Are you an author trying to promote yourself on the worldwide web? There are a few basic rules to taking part in an interview. Read more

    The 13 July 2012 by   Selane
  • New Mom Pampering Kit


    This weekend our church held another baby shower for two of our beautiful expecting moms. While I’ve made a few baby shower gifts in the past, I thought that a... Read more

    The 09 July 2012 by   Msadams
  • Working on YOUR Fitness.

    Working YOUR Fitness.

    ​Some of my most popular posts are fitness/healthy living related. With that said, I want to see what YOU are doing about YOUR health. ​I have ditched the... Read more

    The 27 July 2012 by   Asullivan
  • Oh How Sugary Sweet Sayings

    Sugary Sweet Sayings

    And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise. – Luke 6:31 I was fascinated by these quotes found at the back of every small sachet of... Read more

    The 11 July 2012 by   Irene9583
  • Dean & Trent Store Interiors (hypothetical).

    Dean Trent Store Interiors (hypothetical).

    This is something I've been itching to do since I got the layout software. A coupla years ago I did a very, very, very brief internship at Dean Trent (DT). ... Read more

    The 19 July 2012 by   Autoplagiarist
  • Creativity 521 - Baking a Rainbow Fruit Bowl

    Creativity Baking Rainbow Fruit Bowl

    It's not always easy to come up with creative ideas.Sometimes you go into a mental block and your imagination forgets it has legs that can run or wings that... Read more

    The 04 July 2012 by   A Happy Mum


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