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Trying to Get on with Life After a Child Has Died.

Parents of children who have committed suicide are left with all the shards of troubled lives. A twenty-year-old jumped to his death from a multi-storey building hours after his... Read more

Rosemead Works with Nonprofit Help Families Holidays Paperblog Pick in Community

Rosemead Works with Nonprofit to Help Families for Holidays

With the help of the City of Rosemead, a local nonprofit continues to bring holiday warmth to many local families in need. The city is collecting food and gifts at various location... Read more


  • The Trash Pack Review

    Trash Pack Review

    photo provided by The Trash Pack Who would have thought that a little orange plastic trash can could bring so much joy to 3 little boys!? When I was at... Read more

    The 06 November 2012 by   Matthewspuzzle
  • Why Visit Corregidor? Here's 9 Reasons!

    Visit Corregidor? Here's Reasons!

    "Corregidor Island, locally called Isla ng Corregidor, is a lofty island located at the entrance of Manila Bay in southwestern part of Luzon Island in the... Read more

    The 22 November 2012 by   Barefootdaves
  • SkyCycle in London

    SkyCycle London

    The illustrious Bradley Wiggins left a big impact on the English capital. The Gold medallist inspired the city with his striking road-cycling performance. Read more

    The 06 November 2012 by   Periscope
  • Parents Underestimate the Calories in Fast Food Meals

    Parents Underestimate Calories Fast Food Meals

    At a recent meeting of the Obesity Society Jason Block, MD, of Harvard Medical School and fellow researchers reported that parents often underestimate the... Read more

    The 08 November 2012 by   Jean Campbell
  • Talenti Gelato Review: Sea Salt Caramel and Other Flavors

    Talenti Gelato Review: Salt Caramel Other Flavors

    I don’t know about you but cold weather has never stopped me from wanting ice cream. As a matter of fact give me a good snow storm and I can pretty much... Read more

    The 20 November 2012 by   Matthewspuzzle
  • Rip The Road


    is an annual series of five competitive 10K races with a championship race at the end of each season. In each leg, the top 3 over-all male and female winners... Read more

    The 20 November 2012 by   Barefootdaves
  • I Am Scared Of Antidepressants

    Scared Antidepressants

    Hi, I have been advised by my health visitor to go to the doctors but I am scared of antidepressants as I have been on them before and they never helped. Also... Read more

    The 04 November 2012 by   Therealsupermum
  • Myths About Schizophrenia …

    Myths About Schizophrenia

    Schizophrenia is not a split personality. Schizophrenia is not another word for violence. Ordinary people can contract schizophrenia. Read more

    The 15 November 2012 by   Gran13
  • 10 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Runners

    Great Christmas Gift Ideas Runners

    Read more

    The 21 November 2012 by   Linie38
  • 5 Things We Should Just Forget About the 80s

    Things Should Just Forget About

    The 80s are back! Well, so it seems from my observation of store fronts during shopping centre visits. My teenage glory days were played out to an 80s... Read more

    The 21 November 2012 by   Yourfamilysurvivalcoach


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