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I Am Scared Of Antidepressants

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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Hi, I have been advised by my health visitor to go to the doctors  but I am scared of  antidepressants as I have been on them before and they never helped. Also I don’t want Social Services involved with my kids. I am at a really low point in my life and my low moods and I constantly need to know if I am a good mam good and wife and this doubting has ruined my marriage.

I have moved 200 mile away from family as I  had no help or support from them. I now feel alone and only have my mother in law who is a great help with my kids. Im just so low and don’t know what to do.  I rarely have a good day please help? (Email)


Supermums Advice

The thing that never ceases to amaze is is when us mothers become depressed or feel down we automatically start doubting our own capabilities and still we see depression as a weakness. Why do we jump to the conclusion that if we are we struggling we are not being a good parent?

Why do we fear Social Services becoming involved? My answer to this question, to mothers feeling this way is to ask that if they had a broken arm would their GP refer Social Services? The answer of course is no, so why would a GP involve Social Services because a mother has reached a point in her life where she is admitting she is finding things difficult and is reaching out and asking for support?

I can not promise Social Services will not get involved, for example if they have in the past been involved with your family for reasons similar or you are indeed neglecting your children then yes they would and so they should, but depression alone does not qualify to make you a neglectful nor bad mother.

Please stop doubting yourself, depression does not make you a bad mother or bad person. But depression does make you feel that you are. It is the illness talking to you.

Depression is an illness and like any illness it can be treated and you do need support. Please do not allow your fear of antidepressants to prevent your chance of living a normal and happy life. I am bipolar and I understand the fear of medication, for me medication was always a weakness until I accepted that it was the medication that enabled me to be a better mother and person.

If we as a blog can help in any way please again just email me.

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 I Am Scared Of  Antidepressants

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