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Christmas Destressing for Menopause Goddesses

Menopause and Christmas can combine to produce exponential amounts of stress. In our constant desire for peace, harmony, and joy, Theresa-Venus and I have a few ideas for more... Read more


  • Helen Mirren Made Me Do It – Again

    Helen Mirren Made Again

    I was lucky enough to be part of Tania's retreat for midlife women: The Re-Imagined Self last year. It was profound, it was audacious, it was life-changing. Read more

    The 17 March 2018 by   Lynettesheppard
  • Threat to Bioidentical Hormones for Women’s Health

    Threat Bioidentical Hormones Women’s Health

    Millions of women rely on hormone replacement therapy to manage the symptoms of menopause. Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is poised to... Read more

    The 10 March 2018 by   Lynettesheppard
  • Unpredictable Ways

    Unpredictable Ways

    Caught by the hook Can't get free The way you look How hard can it be? The eyes so tender Can't get you out of my head I am grateful to the sender For sending... Read more

    The 10 March 2018 by   Saurabh2461986
  • I Do Not Put My Child First

    Child First

    I saw this meme recently. This one. And something inside me recoiled, like the part of me that always recoils when someone posts something about how being a SAH... Read more

    The 07 March 2018 by   Amanda Bruce
  • 3 Easy Biodata Formats for Download and Print (With Easy Steps!)

    Easy Biodata Formats Download Print (With Steps!)

    Writing a marriage biodata is difficult! Writing a biodata for marriage is hard. Really hard. Why? Psychology Today is a world-renowned publication where... Read more

    The 05 March 2018 by   Oracleofprofiles
  • Come Back Strong

    Come Back Strong

    Surgical menopause is different than natural menopause in that it is often more abrupt, more intense, and depending on the age when it occurs, lasts longer. Read more

    The 03 March 2018 by   Lynettesheppard
  • Are You Using the Best RO Water Purifier in India?

    Using Best Water Purifier India?

    Water is an essential ingredient of our daily needs. With the pollution levels increasing, and the groundwater is contaminated, the need for drinking water whic... Read more

    The 27 February 2018 by   Saurabh2461986
  • The Science of Soy: A Natural Solution for Menopause Relief

    Science Soy: Natural Solution Menopause Relief

    Femarelle® is derived from soy, but it contains NO soy isoflavones, so women can feel confident taking it as a natural alternative to hormone therapy (HT). Read more

    The 26 February 2018 by   Lynettesheppard
  • It’s The “Little” Things That Matter: Technology and Children

    It’s “Little” Things That Matter: Technology Children

    By Rhonda NemriI am no parent, but do hope to be one someday. Therefore the statements I am about to say are in no shape or form based on personal parenting, bu... Read more

    The 22 February 2018 by   Rhonda Nemri
  • Triple Treat: The Printed Pencil Skirt

    Triple Treat: Printed Pencil Skirt

    The pencil skirt remains an elegant classic but you can still stand out from the crowd in this old-school favourite. Here are three ways to wear yours. Read more

    The 22 February 2018 by   Blondeambition


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