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This is a blog about anything under the sun from the perspective of an average Joe (or Jane, on occasion). I am not an authority on anything I will talk about here. I do, however, find myself to have opinions about a great many things (as we all do) and I will share them as interestingly as I am able to. More importantly, I want this page to be an avenue of the free flow of thoughts and ideas. I want to hear what YOU think about everything that is on here, too.

Future reviews/posts will be heavily influenced by what you want to see. I will be open to comments and post suggestions. If you want to see a post about a particular restaurant, movie, place, TV show, event, video game, app, album, book, or even an idea, just let me know and I will do it if possible. This, after all, is ideally a conversation between us all and I do not want to be choosing all the topics!

Stay tuned and let’s talk about everything there is to enjoy about life, one amateur to another. ;)