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100 Miles Cafe: Our Own Private Hangout

By Joaquin Medina @joaquinigo
100 miles cafe
Now, I'm not claiming to own this fine establishment. It's just that it's such a well-hidden good place that most of the time that we eat here, including Friday nights, it's pretty barren. I'm not complaining, far from it. We have come to enjoy the privacy and quiet that goes with a meal at 100 Miles. Well, as long as they never close due to lack of customers.
100 miles cafe
As you can see, the place is very running-themed, hence the name. It's more than just a theme, because they offer lockers and even their showers for nearby runners who want to use the facilities before or after dining here. I love it here for the same reason I do our recently featured Stacy's: near the office, good food, relatively cheap, too! We've eaten here many times already, and these are what we usually order.

100 miles cafe

Complimentary Bread Sticks

This comes before every meal. A bit too thin for me, but it goes well with the sauce and hey, better than nothing!

100 miles cafe

Fettuccini Carbonara, P180.00

Pasta with the classic and comforting creamy white sauce topped with bacon bits. Served with bread.
Ahh.. my usual creamy pasta choice. The taste is okay, but what I love about this carbonara is the noodles. I usually prefer the wider noodle varieties, and especially if it is cooked al dente as it is in 100 Miles. This is how carbo-loading should be done! (pun not intended)

100 miles cafe

100 Miles Pizza, P215.00

Guaranteed to satisfy that carbo-load craving (with added protein). Chicken, salami, bacon, arugula, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, button mushroom, white onion, black and green olives layered with mozzarella. To top it all off - one sunny side-up egg. A complete meal!
There's just something about sunny side-ups that make it go well on everything in its own sloppy way. Pizzas are definitely the case. This pizza isn't thick-crust like I wish it was, but the ingredients on it were quite good.

100 miles cafe

Seafood Aglio Olio, P195.00

One of our most popular pasta dishes. Pasta with spicy seafood made up of white prawns, squid, and mussels mixed with garlic and olive oil. Served with bread.
This is Alvie's usual order, since she's not much for the creamy pasta. It's very flavorful, al dente, and mildly spicy. A tasty combination! This is one of the best 100 Miles has to offer. Look at that squid and shrimp (skinless!).

100 miles cafe

Seafood Pizza, P215.00

The seafood treat for seafood lovers. Prawns, squid, mussels, white onion, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
This pizza's about as good as the 100 Miles Pizza. Not my favourite, but still very good. But wait, isn't that true for all kinds of pizza? Haha.

100 miles cafe

Spaghetti Bolognese, P180.00

Everyone's favorite. Ground beef and herbs mixed in the familiar Italian rich red tomato sauce. Served with bread.
Truthfully, I do not remember this very much, apart from the fact that the noodles are good. I guess they use the same noodles for any of the types of pasta we ordered. I prefer the other two kinds much more, as I'm not much of a meat sauce person.

100 miles cafe

Tuna Melt Sandwich, P160.00

The go-to protein meal. Juicy tuna flakes topped with white onion, tomato, cucumber, and cheddar cheese. 21 grams of carbs, dietary fiber at 1 gram and 23 grams of protein. Served with sweet potato chips. Your choice of bread - whole wheat bread or full grain bread.
Purely a healthy choice, not for taste. For the price, I would much sooner choose pasta, but if you need something that would make you a little less guilty and would have more protein, this is for you. As a sandwich, it isn't bad and the sweet potato chips are good on the side too.

100 miles cafe

Barbeque Pork Spareribs, P195.00

Experience the "falling off the bones" moment. Tender pork spare ribs in an unbelievably flavorful sweet BBQ sauce. Served with java rice.
When I saw my brother order this tower of a meal, I asked myself why I never tried their rice meals before. Haha. It ain't no Racks, but it tastes good, it was tender enough, and there was a lot of it, and that's more than good enough for me. The rice was flavorful, too!

100 miles cafe

Caesar Salad, P180.00

Traditional salad of iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese and cucumber, with bits of anchovies and bacon. Choice of honey mustard, thousand island or caesar dressing.
I feel sad to admit that since I joined a BMI reduction challenge at the start of April, this is pretty much the type of food I've been eating and it's what I'd be inclined to order if I visited here nowadays. Their salads are good, I tried the Mediterranean salad too and it was truly enjoyable. It's just that for the same price, you'd wish you were wolfing down Carbonara or the tower of ribs. Haha.
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Complimentary Bread Sticks: Okay
Fettuccini Carbonara: Very Good!
100 Miles Pizza: Good
Seafood Aglio Olio: Very Good!
Seafood Pizza: Good
Spaghetti Bolognese: Good
Tuna Melt Sandwich: Good
Barbeque Pork Spareribs: Very Good!
Caesar Salad: Good
The last time we ate there, the place was packed by the time we left (a definite first), so I hope everyone hasn't found out The Fort Strip's best kept secret! Drop by and check the place out, and feast on their good selection of healthy or carbo-loading food!
Love 100 Miles? Hate it? Let me know by commenting below, or just tweet me!
100 Miles Cafe: Our Own Private Hangout

2/F Fort Pointe II, 28th St.,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
(02) 808 6001
Operating Hours: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Facebook: 100 Miles Cafe

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100 Miles Cafe: Our Own Private Hangout
100 Miles Cafe: Our Own Private Hangout
100 Miles Cafe: Our Own Private Hangout
100 Miles Cafe: Our Own Private Hangout

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