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More Noise Women's Issues Paperblog Pick in Self Expression

More Noise On Women's Issues

Text Post More Noise On Women’s Issues A lot of people—rightfully—are offended by Mitt Romney’s insinuation that he couldn’t find qualified female workers for his cabinet in... Read more

Five Years Since First Pink Paperblog Pick in Self Expression

Five Years Since I First Saw the Pink Sky

Have you ever felt that time has wings? I do.Time has flown past in the last few years and before I can even realize it, today is my last day of stay in Karlskrona, the place I hav... Read more


  • Metallic Lace Dress THREE Ways * TWO: out for Dinner (Outfit)

    Metallic Lace Dress THREE Ways TWO: Dinner (Outfit)

    Dress (worn as a top) c/o BoohooThis is the second outfit I decided to style to show off the gorgeous dress the lovley team from BooHoo sent me (which was like ... Read more

    The 19 October 2012 by   Themowway
  • Autumn is Here

    Autumn Here

    All images from We Heart ItAfter having a little nosey at the lovely images on We Heart It I thought why not put together a selection of my favorite Autumn... Read more

    The 04 October 2012 by   Behindtheseclosedeyes
  • Dear October Here’s My Wish List

    Dear October Here’s Wish List

    Dear October,There are a few things I want this month.1. For this month to fly by as quickly as possible.2. To save money for my vacation – no unnecessary... Read more

    The 01 October 2012 by   Umkhaloodie
  • Time To Tackle My Self-loathing Problem

    Time Tackle Self-loathing Problem

    Self-loathing has always surrounded my negative life, the problem is that I am the only person that can make any positive changes in it; but I have allowed... Read more

    The 25 October 2012 by   Therealsupermum
  • Battle Of The Bulge

    Battle Bulge

    So you want to lose weight just like every single person in this world who owns a less-forgiving mirror. You've tried all sorts of crazy quick-fix diets that... Read more

    The 18 October 2012 by   Shangi
  • #findapriljones 5 Year Old Missing

    #findapriljones Year Missing

    A 5 year old girl has been abducted in North Wales. Please reblog/retweet to as many people as possible no matter where you are in the world! Get her picture ou... Read more

    The 02 October 2012 by   Umkhaloodie
  • My Hairdresser and I – She’s a Keeper!

    Hairdresser She’s Keeper!

    I love salon time. I especially love the feel-goodness of defuzzed legs, painted toenails and new roots it’s almost enough to make me feel like a queen (now tha... Read more

    The 11 October 2012 by   Yourfamilysurvivalcoach
  • Garden Games Rocket Play Tent

    Garden Games Rocket Play Tent

    We were recently sent a fantastic Rocket Play Tent from the wonderful people at Garden Games to review. I had pinned this play tent on one of my Pinterest board... Read more

    The 25 October 2012 by   Mummysspace
  • You Can Let Go Now Mummy – A Song To My Mum

    Mummy Song

    You Can Let Go Now Mummy- A Song The social workers came to take us away, mom you was screaming, shouting at them pleading for them not to take us from you. Read more

    The 18 October 2012 by   Therealsupermum
  • Asian Ghost House at Manila Ocean Park - Truly a Fright Night!

    Asian Ghost House Manila Ocean Park Truly Fright Night!

    I can't say that I am a fan of horror films because one, it scares the wits out of me! I even remember one time when I saw an Asian horror flick which is... Read more

    The 03 October 2012 by   Ophine


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