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Rainbow Baby Brings Us Joy After Heartache

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 100433574 Rainbow Baby Brings Us Joy After Heartache

After suffering a miscarriage on the 14th of January 2010 at 7 weeks pregnant myself and my partner felt empty so we decided to try again.

I bought some ovulation test from eBay which on the 27th of February they were a strong positive so needless to say we were at it like rabbits. On the 6th on march I was sat watching obem and talking to a best mate on fb and I just thought il take the last test I had. I sat the test down and went downstairs to make a cuppa and when I returned I looked at the test and saw a very faint line. I didn’t tell my partner till I was sure as I didn’t want to get his hopes up.

Next morning I popped into town before work and took a test in the local market toilets as I couldn’t wait to get home and instantly saw the positive line develop before the test had finished. I was a nervous wreck ringing my partner who seemed shocked but I sensed a hint of not wanting to get his hopes up and be excited from him.

Two days later I started to bleed which was gutting. I was convinced I was loosing our baby again! I was sent for a scan which all you could see was an empty sac and was told I needed to wait 2 weeks to see for another scan to see if I stopped bleeding and if anything was to grow in the scan. I was told if I was still pregnant. I would only be 3-4 weeks pregnant. Two weeks of hell passed and we waiting for a scan which was first thing on a Friday.

Iv never felt so sick as I laid on the chair as she put the gel on my tummy. As soon as she put the scan on my tummy we could see the sac was bigger and inside was our little wriggly bean moving away. I filled up with relief and couldn’t stop staring at my little bean falling in love with it. From that point I never felt so lucky and knew this baby was going to be so spoilt and precious. We got told baby was measuring 8+5 weeks (how it grew over 5weeks in space of 2weeks is beyond me) we got it just something that can happen.

Weeks went by 12week scan all good and we decided we didn’t want to find out what we were having and wanting it to be a surprise. I had an inkling it was a girl was the pregnancy was different with my son.

At 33 weeks we were told baby was breech and if she hasn’t of turned by 36 weeks that I would be sent for a scan and consultant to talk about my options. One evening at 35+5 weeks I started loosing my plug and getting terrible pains. Baby was kicking and wriggling around like mad. All night I kept telling bump not to come just yet and waited it out. In the morning my midwife sent me to the hospital as I was still having pains and got monitored.

Midwife told me that I was 1-2cm but that was expected and not to worry and scan confirmed the baby had turned. Later that evening everything had settled down and pregnancy continued as normal. At 38+1 weeks I woke up having period pains but put that down to baby dropping down into the pelvis. I went for a walk around town with a mate and got some bits for tea before going home and preparing tea. My partner returned home from work when I started getting strong braxton hicks with pressure and pain in my bum.

They were very irregular ranging from every 2mins to every 14mins. I rang the hospital who told me to take a bath and see how things went. Later that night around 2am they stopped. On 6th of November we had a day planned for the family to go to a Thomas the tank place in the Lake District in Cumbria which is 45-50mins drive from where we lived then bonfire night with fireworks at out local display.

Something was telling me to talk my bag and my notes with me just incase. When we arrived there the pains started again but a lot more intense but bearable that I didn’t have to stop what I was doing. We got a train to Ambleside then a boat to boweness which is when my pains because breath taking

We got of the boat and waited for a boat to take us back to the car but that wasn’t for another 20mins then it was an hour and 15 on the boat. We went into the cafe and that’s where the pains started coming thick and fast.

My partner and his step dad decided to get a taxi to the car and drive back. 40mins later they returned with the car at which point my partner asked do we have time to get food at his fave pub that sell lush pies. The silly boy asked as I was getting a contraction which i snappishly replys “do I look like I want food?”

On the drive through the country roads I got the feeling as if baby’s head was just sat there but not wanting to push. My partner rushed as much as it legally could and we arrived at lancaster hospital at 6:05. my partner had to wait for my son to be collected by his dad so I went in on my own.

Midwife had given my gas and air and did an internal which relevealed I was 5cms. My partner came in and asked was it going to be today. Midwifery told him at this rate yes. The Midwife left the room and that’s when I got the urge to push. I shouted at my partner to push the button and get the midwife in. Within seconds midwife ran in telling me not to push she wasn’t ready. Very hard to do as I had no control over my body.

I just remember being told the bag of waters were just buldging there and not to push as I would tear then getting told oh u just have this baby your way then u don’t need us. At 6:38 half an hour after arriving at the hospital our baby girl was born in her waters. She was so tiny and beautiful. I was over the moon to have a little prince and now a princess. She weighed 6lb 6oz.

She is our little precious rainbow baby who is now nearly 2years old. Best thing Iv ever done in my life is to have my kids


This inspirational post was written anonymously by a mom who is a member of my Facebook mums group. I have full permission to share her story. If you can relate to this post and would like to share your own anonymous post please contact me.

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