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BREAKING NEWS - Theory of Evolution : An Update

By Parentalparody @parental_parody
Forget the great debate over what came first: The chicken or the egg? Forget the whole theory of evolution. None of that matters, because I am about to blow your mind as I present to you Miss3's theory on where she came from.... BREAKING NEWS - Theory of Evolution  :  An update On being asked what twins means Me: It means you were both in my tummy at the same time Silence.... Mstr3: So Super Batman came from your tummy, Mummy? Me: Yes, Super Batman, you came from my tummy. Frowning, and a look of disgusted confusion crosses Mstr3's face. Miss3: No, you're wrong. Very matter of fact. Me: What do you mean Miss3? Miss3: You've got the wrong side. Me: The wrong side? Miss3: Yeah, because actually I came from Pop's tummy actually.  Not yours. Me: Ahh, no Miss3, you didn't. Miss3: But yeah but actually I really, really did. Me: No love, you were in Mummy's tummy with your brother, at the same time, and that's what makes you twins.
Miss3 stands up, full of outrage and self righteous indignation. Miss3: No!  You're wrong! That's the wrong side!  I came from Pop's tummy! POP'S TUMMY! Me: Sigh....
They say you can't argue with stupid.  You also can't argue with toddler tyrants.
Miss3 calms down. Miss3: But don't tell Nana, ok?

BREAKING NEWS - Theory of Evolution  :  An update

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So apparently there's no chicken and egg or whatever other theory you subscribe to.
The Grandfathers do it all.
On their own.
But don't tell the Grandmothers, okay?
Now I'm off to update Wikipedia and inform all the worldly scholars of their errors.

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