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What's the Plan, Stan?

By Meplusmytrainer @meplusmytrainer
Hi Gang,
Just checking in quickly to make sure everyone has a workout planned for the weekend?
Yes? Amazing!
No? That's ok. I have one for you. I did this tonight. It was quick and dirty.
Warm Up: walk/run 5 minutes
Run 400 meters
10 push ups
10 body squats
Run 400 meters
9 push ups
9 body squats
Keep running 400 m and working your way down to 10, 9, 8 ,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 with reps for both push ups and body squats. I started timing myself, but my ipod died about half way through, which was a bummer because I couldn't finish with a time AND I also had to exercise in silence in my condo gym.
After 90 minutes of hot yoga last night at Moksha Yoga in Toronto,  I found myself very dehydrated yesterday morning when I work up. I had a headache and I just couldn't drink enough water. I think I drank about 4 litres today and I am feeling much better. I love hot yoga, I can't get enough. I love the way it makes me feel, strong and detoxified. I also love the culture and atmosphere of every Moksha studio I have ever been to. I went shopping tonight as I am on the prowl for my annual circle scarf. I have had an obsession with circle scarves for years. I bought my first one from American Apparel years ago and I have never looked back. I bought a scarf tonight from Lululemon, a charcoal gray vinyasa scarf. Like this one:
What's the Plan, Stan?
You can wear this scarf a bajillion ways (it has some buttons so it's not 100% a true circle scarf but that is ok). So bought this scarf, but also added a few items to my "wish list". I pretty much always have about 40 things on my lululemon wish list. However, this WOWZERS! What do you guys think?
What's the Plan, Stan?
Totally flippin' gorg right? Buying new workout clothes is really not in my budget right now, but I definitely see one or both of these in my closet in the near future. Such a perfect colour, right? Right. Glad we agree. I am completely at the mercy of lululemon. They can have all of my money and when all of my money is gone, I will do chores and DIY projects for them in exchange for lulu clothes. One of my fitness bucket list items is to become a lululemon ambassador. That would be bliss.
Lastly, because I am working all weekend, on Friday night I stayed in and enjoyed some homemade popcorn with a girlfriend. Did you know you can easily make your own popcorn? Well, I will share the "recipe"...I am using the term 'recipe' loosely because this really isn't a recipe at all! You can make your own hot little kernels of homemade goodness too, it is so super easy. This is just a nice healthier alternative to chemical filled microwave popcorn. I believe that if you want a treat, have one...but see if you can make your own and somehow add some nutrients and get rid of the chemicals that store bought versions of treats usually contain. Remember, to heat the oil in the pot first, before you add the kernels. Oh and don't walk away, you've gotta keep your eye on those little guys. Tonight I am grateful for water and popcorn kernels. I would make a great prisoner.
What's the Plan, Stan?
I am very lucky to have such great friends. I love 'em. Mwwwah! 
Anyways, back to the plan for the weekend. I have back to back jacks booked with Kyle on Sunday and Monday so I am going to take Saturday off! Also, this serves as your official reminder for....that's right, you know it...This Week in Workouts! It's my weekly link up, where you can share/brag/celebrate (whatever you want to call it) all of your wicked workouts from the past week. It's a post post of pure positivity! Whether you did one workout or ten, it is ALL good. Finding time for the gym and exercise can be hard sometimes. I know that. So let's party when we do! Now it's all about you. What do you have planned for the weekend in terms of fitness? Share, share, share!
Happy Reading,

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