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  • Hawaii Here We Come

    Hawaii Here Come

    After months of planning and talking, I’m happy to finally be able to let you all know (now that everything is booked) that we will be headed to Hawaii this May... Read more

    The 25 October 2012 by   Msadams
  • Good Morning Lovelies!

    Good Morning Lovelies!

    You guys! I {Heart} You. Your comments on yesterday’s burrito post were so moving, touching, inspirational, brave, amazing, wonderful, brilliant. I’m still... Read more

    The 18 October 2012 by   Marensmorsels
  • The Day I Was Born (‘Life’s a Journey’ Nostalgia Link-Up, Week 40)

    Born (‘Life’s Journey’ Nostalgia Link-Up, Week

    This post is part of a weekly series of ‘link-up’ Posts which reflect on life’s journey, old memories and family stories (see below for more info). Read more

    The 23 October 2012 by   Saveeverystep
  • My First Existential Coffee Hedonist Meal

    First Existential Coffee Hedonist Meal

    Avocado half, sprinkled with Espresso Sea Salt (from Filling Station)Many many years ago – I had already tasted my initial Mexican coffee near Harvard Square an... Read more

    The 06 October 2012 by   Aristippos
  • The Tartan Trend

    Tartan Trend

    Since my big move to Cardiff from Glasgow little things remind me of home and with tartan being a huge trend for Autumn/Winter I am thinking that I may feel mor... Read more

    The 06 October 2012 by   Beauboo
  • What Your Soreen Says About You.

    What Your Soreen Says About You.

    Soreenly happy whichever way you slice it... Soreen. Oh yes, put butter on it... and eat. Not so. There are as many ways to scoff Soreen lunch box loaves as... Read more

    The 22 October 2012 by   Ellenarnison
  • Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips – All Natural

    Hiphop Hair Removing Strips Natural

    What’s say friends? Today I’m here with my first waxing strips review. Yes, I bought and used Hiphop waxing strips for my first waxing experience at home. I... Read more

    The 12 October 2012 by   Gayatri
  • Lifeshapers Assemble! Let's Give the Kids Another Great Time in Church!!

    Lifeshapers Assemble! Let's Give Kids Another Great Time Church!!

    To my awesome and supremely talented Lifeshaper team, it is our turn to once again host Kids’ Church this coming Sunday! Let’s put our best foot forward and mak... Read more

    The 05 October 2012 by   Lessonsofadad
  • Putting the Philips H2020 Blender to the Test

    Putting Philips H2020 Blender Test

    I recently received the Philips H2020 400W Blender from Littlewoods and I have to say I absolutely love it. It is powerful, functional and compact which makes i... Read more

    The 09 October 2012 by   Mummysspace
  • Winter Wonderland & Food Bank Of The Rockies

    Winter Wonderland Food Bank Rockies

    Last night I got to walk to the library in this…And this morning got to have breakfast in the cafeteria…Overlooking this…I’ll never get tired of seeing the... Read more

    The 26 October 2012 by   Adventuresinamyland