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  • Hanging with Baby J

    Hanging with Baby

    I've been making an extra effort lately to spend as much one-on-one time with Baby J as possible. He had been showing signs of jealousy towards his brother and... Read more

    The 02 November 2011 by   Babyjandbean
  • Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Cupcakes

    Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Cupcakes

    Last week, when I had a late start and I went to the Sandy Fred Meyer, and got a Starbucks along with a cream cheese filled pumpkin muffin, I thought it was... Read more

    The 26 November 2011 by   Courtyb34
  • Explore Art: Me

    Explore Art:

    So usually Wednesday's are my Explore Art Project days, featuring new projects Cy has been working on. Today I have something a little bit different. Today is... Read more

    The 22 November 2011 by   Myjoneses
  • This Too Shall Pass...Right?

    This Shall Pass...Right?

    You know that moment when you can feel it in your gut that something isn't right? Everything seems normal and looks the same but you know something is coming. Read more

    The 05 November 2011 by   Sassarella Says
  • Motley Monday: Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

    Motley Monday: Things Would Tell Younger Self

    Dear readers, I am about a month shy from reaching a landmark birthday. 25. The quarter of a century birthday. The, oh shit you’re old birthday. Read more

    The 07 November 2011 by   Wheatish
  • Pacquiao Vs Marquez

    Pacquiao Marquez

    Wew! Once again, this fight had our backyard packed full of neighbors. See what I mean? :) This is a normal scene every Pacquiao fights. Read more

    The 15 November 2011 by   Synzmemoir
  • Bene Benetton?

    Bene Benetton?

    Tweet Benetton has never shied away from stirring up controversy through its advertising. They argue it's to create a conversation, to mobilize the masses. How... Read more

    The 16 November 2011 by   Fashiontofood
  • Crackpot Pottery and Ceramic Painting

    Crackpot Pottery Ceramic Painting

    I went to Crackpot Studio to meet up with another homeschooler who I hadn't met before. The art teacher I had at the Oakville Art Society thought I would like t... Read more

    The 04 November 2011 by   Paige
  • My Mums Make Me Cry …. Again

    Mums Make Again

    Boy has it been one of those days. The lack of sleep has not helped at all. The last week has seen all 6 of the children ill. Each child has had at least one da... Read more

    The 18 November 2011 by   Therealsupermum
  • Our San Antonio Christmas Countdown Activities

    Antonio Christmas Countdown Activities

    One of the great things about an advent or Christmas countdown calendar is that the activities are hidden, so if something pops up and you need to do a... Read more

    The 27 November 2011 by   Michelle Hernandez