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The Heart of Creatividee

By Ddmacker1 @creativideee
The heart of Creatividee

My face painted by me

My goodness my blog has been dead of late, mainly because of my busy lifestyle and my lack of keeping a good balance. Lately I have been getting my act together and re-gearing myself towards what I really love doing. Spending lots of my days just blogging and filling my mind, trying out new spheres of creativity (within my comfort zone that is).

I have been greatly reminded of the ability to create new things, conjuring up new ideas in my mind and making them happen with my hands. Creativity is a gift, I believe a gift from the most creative being of all, God…I always imagine myself walking the streets and coloring the city with my pastel pallet. Transforming the face of my city, one colour at a time… loving this world into beauty. that would be super! (i think

). Definitely a gift worth sharing. I am always reminded of the wise words uttered by Robert Schuller:

” The very word possibility creates a mental climate conducive to creativity.” – Robert H. Schuller

I am going to show you some of what I have been up to the past few weeks and and hopefully post some new kids craft ideas I have been working on. I am glad to be back and getting my hands dirty again. Keep an eye out for poetry written by me as well as perhaps some music (music…perhaps a little later)


So our church had a bazaar and we were all requested to pitch in and help raise funds. Our department (the worship band) decided to have craft stall and sell all things creative. I also pitched in and did some face painting, which was a blast! Check out the gallery below to see what we got up to…

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I was so taken by the ability to make hair accessories that I took the liberty to make more products, check them out in the slide show above.

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