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Abortion Post Sparks Disgusting Comments from Others

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Abortion post sparks disgusting comments from others

After visiting a forum on the internet I came across a mom who asked the following question, wanting advice. Lost in her own world at the moment shes reaching out for some help, support, someone to take away the fear and pain she is feeling. I was disgusted to read the thread and thought I would share here with the blog. I have tried to leave a message with the lady with some kind words of support.

The lady asks -

I’m having an abortion next week for various reasons. Why did you have one?

The lady states the following reasons :-

It was one night with a man who I have since realised is a horrible person. I
wouldn’t want a child that turned out like him.

It was his fault. He had a condom on, got moody and took it off thenwe did other stuff. He quickly rolled me over and took me by surprise – started having sex with me again then came in me. My head told me to push him off but my body went numb. I consider it as one step away from rape.

I took the morning after pill within 24 hours yet it didn’t work. :( So the pregnancy was definitely unwanted and a mistake.

I have never wanted to have children and would not consider
adoption. I wouldn’t carry a baby I didn’t want for 9 months and go through the
pain of childbirth. Pregnancy so far has been painful and uncomfortable (same as
the sex that resulted in the pregnancy.)

So people who have had abortions
before – what were your reasons?
How did you feel after?
How do you feel now?

Below are the answers that were left-I warn you in advance some are not very helpful !

‘Wow you are heartless selfish bitc h. If you don’t want children don’t have
unprotected sex duh or go get permantly fixed because there are doctors who will
do it’

‘It was your fault too not just him. You could have defended yourself. You agreed
to having a child by having sex,Ive never had an abortion because it was
not the babies fault. And why should i kill an innocent poor child that didnt do
anything and cannot have a life. My friend had an abortion and she felt
so guilty and could never sleep again. She is still guilty after 6 years and
wish she had never done that. So why kill a child that didnt do anything and
take away its innocent life. Put yourself in your mothers shoes or something ,
that she got pregnant and killed you “abortion” and you never got to live your
life. And you were innocent.You will feel so guilty for killing
something so precious and in the future when you do have kids you will feel even
more guilty.Dont kill it! it wasnt its fault GIVE IT UP FOR ADOPTION
some poeple dont even have kids and some people out there actually want kids but
cant have any so give the child up to actually have a life’

‘I can abort you with my coat hangar but only if we can have sex after’

‘I have always been against abortion until recently I realize sometimes there is
a necessary time for one. I just recently found out I could possibly be
pregnant, and I know there is no way I could go through with the pregnancy. I’m
a great student and 18 years old, with a bright future in Criminal Justice. My
boyfriend and I had protected sex and are possibly pregnant. However, I have
been on medication for an infection which is possibly damaging the cells. This
could result in a mentally retarded child and that would make everything be so
much harder and I want the best for my future kids, so I know waiting for
children is the best. Best of luck to you!’

‘Your child would not definitely turn out like him. And you may think he is a horrible person, but what are your reasons? If its just because he doesn’t wantto be with you or something that does not make someone a horrible person, but I have no idea if there are other issues’

2)’How is it rape if you were already having sex? You were “too numb”? Sounds a bit dramatic.. I can see if you were not already engaged in sexual activity but you were. And you KNEW he had no condom on and didn’t ask him to stop. Its not just his fault’
3) ‘I am sorry the morning after pill did not work, that actually is really stranger I heard that has a high percentage rate of working’
4)’ If you never wanted kids you should have been more careful’

‘I am not against abortion, I think it should be a woman’s choice but you are making an awful lot of excuses and being extremely defensive about this abortion and you have not even had it yet. I think you need to be VERY sure this is something you want to do. Most woman do not regret abortions, but some do, and when you regret it there is nothing you’
can do about it. You cannot take it back. Be very certain this is what you want
because you seem to be trying to convince all of us this is for good reasons and
if you truly wanted to do this you wouldn’t feel the need to be so defensive. At
least I don’t think.

‘You shouldn’t have put yourself in the situation to be “one step away from
raped”. You made your bed now lie in it. What if your mom didn’t want you and
decided to get an abortion? You would not be here. Abortion is killing a living,
cute, little, innocent, BABY. Why don’t you give it up for adoption to one of
the millions of people trying to have babies but can’t? You are the only person
making that baby “unwanted”. And if you kill it you are a selfish *****’

How do you feel about the answers that were given ?

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