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Hanging with Baby J

By Babyjandbean
I've been making an extra effort lately to spend as much one-on-one time with Baby J as possible. He had been showing signs of jealousy towards his brother and the extra attention he receives in the form of therapy sessions (fun grown-up playmates that come to the house) and doctor appointments (fun outings - at least in Baby J's eyes).
He goes to preschool three days a week but still really needs some quality time with mommy.
Here he is gazing at the glitter meditation jar we made together.
Hanging with Baby J

I discovered it on Pinterest and it was super easy to make. If you don't have a Pinterest, it's an awesome collection of, well, just about everything and a place to keep and organize all the great ideas you discover online and want to keep track of. Here's my link: http://pinterest.com/hsjohanson/. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you an invite. 

We also recently made an attempt at cake balls/cake pops a la Bakerella. They were a disaster but they sure did taste good!
Hanging with Baby J
Hanging with Baby J
On Halloween, the whole family set out to trick-or-treat but Bean wasn't exactly thrilled with the rain so he and his daddy headed home so Baby J and I could explore the neighborhood in the dark (a first for him!) and seek out those coveted Halloween treats.
Hanging with Baby J
Hanging with Baby J
Today, I get to spend a little extra, unexpected time with Baby J.
Today is a preschool day. Last night, I tossed around the idea of keeping him home today because he has a little cold - no fever, just not 100%. I decided to make a game time decision. When I got him up this morning, he lit up and asked if it was a school day and I didn't have the heart to keep him home. He LOVES school.
So, we rushed around and ran out the door.
When we got there, though, he was not interested in playing and wouldn't leave my side. He didn't want me to leave and couldn't really tell me what was wrong.
This isn't like him at all. Usually, I have a hard time getting a goodbye kiss because he is too interested in playing with his friends. His teachers agreed that this isn't the sweet, silly boy they are use to.
I gave him a choice: stay and play with friends or come home and play with mommy and Bean.
He couldn't decide but he wasn't about to let go of me.
I made the decision to bring him home. I expected a tantrum the second we left because he often has trouble making decisions. I was wrong. He put his coat on, grabbed my hand and walked to the car. As soon as I strapped him in, he said, "Mommy, I'm happy. Let's play at home. We can do school tomorrow."
I guess I made the right decision.
He's taking the day off and now has two days to get back to 100% before returning to school on Friday.
It's not one-on-one time, but we are getting lots of play in and he even "helped" me make crock-pot lasagna (new recipe. Will it be a hit or miss?). We don't even have any therapy today - just time to cuddle, play and hang out.
He's such a smart, sweet little boy. I'll take any time with him I can get. :)

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