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Tissue Paper Painting Paperblog Pick in Schooling

Tissue Paper Painting

Some tissue paper has an amazing ability to bleed when it is mixed with water. Cut-up squares can be used to control the color, making an easy way to color a picture without using... Read more

Four Books That Teach Important Values Young Students Paperblog Pick in Schooling

Four Books That Teach Important Values to Young Students

(by guest blogger Nadia Jones) There are several solid works of literature that teach the values of tolerance, good citizenship and humility, among other life lessons. These... Read more


  • Grass in a CD Case

    Grass Case

    I’m continuing my plant experiments in CD cases. An earlier bean seed grew too fat, so I thought I’d try some thin grass. 1. I started with just a couple... Read more

    The 15 September 2012 by   Kathybarbro
  • 30 Blogs for Preschool Activity Ideas

    Blogs Preschool Activity Ideas

    Paul Taylor, provider of the following guest post, is an ex-nanny. Passionate about thought leadership and writing, Paul regularly contributes to various career... Read more

    The 04 September 2012 by   Jean Campbell
  • The Dot and Ish by Peter Reynolds

    Peter Reynolds

    We recently discovered two books by Peter Reynolds. Both of these books have beautiful illustrations and encourage creativity in such a simple but effective way. Read more

    The 10 September 2012 by   Smilinglikesunshine
  • Unique Thought From A Real Teacher

    Unique Thought From Real Teacher

    With bougainvilleas as borders, that school was a very ordinary institution in Kerala. It was a new venture of a few natives from Nilambur and the only asset... Read more

    The 05 September 2012 by   Roopz
  • Virtual Book Club for Kids: Planting A Rainbow

    Virtual Book Club Kids: Planting Rainbow

    Welcome to the Virtual Book Club for Kids! As I mentioned earlier, this month's author is Lois Ehlert. We chose her famous book Planting A Rainbow . It is... Read more

    The 17 September 2012 by   Smilinglikesunshine
  • Scratch Art Cat Face

    Scratch Face

    I know Scratch Art paper is not in your average school budget, but for smaller groups I do think it can offer really great practice for the fine motor... Read more

    The 10 September 2012 by   Kathybarbro
  • Abstract Fish Drawing

    Abstract Fish Drawing

    One art concept even young students can embrace is the idea of making an abstract work of art. I like to describe it as coloring just for fun, and not worrying... Read more

    The 13 September 2012 by   Kathybarbro
  • Science Workshop: The Water Cycle

    Science Workshop: Water Cycle

    We are beginning our science this year with an Oceanology Unit. I am from Florida, so I think this will be a great way to share my love of all things Florida... Read more

    The 05 September 2012 by   Simplyhomeschool
  • Ombre Background Tutorial

    Ombre Background Tutorial

    Hi ladies! I'm back with a simple tutorial for Donna Salazar Designs. Hope your week has been good. I am back with another simple tutorial featuring ombre. It... Read more

    The 12 September 2012 by   Jcchris
  • Symmetrical Owl


    This project fulfilled all my criteria for a successful lesson today: it was seasonal, a visual art standard (symmetry) was covered, and it really peaked all th... Read more

    The 14 September 2012 by   Kathybarbro


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