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Tissue Paper Painting

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Tissue Paper Painting Some tissue paper has an amazing ability to bleed when it is mixed with water. Cut-up squares can be used to control the color, making an easy way to color a picture without using any paint. Word of advice: not all tissue paper bleeds, a test is needed first as many papers react in different ways.
1. Students draw a simple pumpkin and horizon line in pencil. The lines are traced with a permanent black marker.
2. Cut up dark orange and light orange tissue paper into 2 inch squares, along with dark and light green, and dark and light purple. The students are to wet their drawing with a brush, and then place the tissue paper on the spots they want to color. Working in sections, they should gradually cover their entire paper with colored tissue paper squares.
3. When finished, the tissue paper is removed to reveal the color that has bled below. Beware, stained fingers seem to be unavoidable.

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