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Scratch Art Cat Face

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Scratch Art Cat Face I know Scratch Art paper is not in your average school budget, but for smaller groups I do think it can offer really great practice for the fine motor “scratching” skills. This is a follow up to my “Cat Head Pencil Shading” project, but in negative form so the lighter the fur needs to be, the more scratching needs to happen. 
1. Experienced students can draw the cat head according to my post in pencil on white copy paper, then  place over the Scratch Art paper and trace with a ball point pen. A faint line should show to enable the scratching. Younger students (kinder – 2nd grade?) may be given this TEMPLATE to trace for just to get started with the outline of the head.
2. Go over the faint outlines of the cat head with a wooden stylus, repeating if necessary to make a bright line.
3. Scratch out the eyes so they are white with black slits. Scratch out most of the nose color. The fur is to be scratched in the way that fur lays around a cat face, radiating basically from the eyes, It may help to scratch away all the fur evenly first, and then go back and scratch further on areas that are to be lighter.

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