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Walking Pipe Cleaner Guy (or Girl!)

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Walking Pipe Cleaner Guy (or Girl!) I was inspired by a Giacometti style project and found that wiggly pipe cleaners really are easier to work with if they are securely planted in clay feet. Yay, a sculpture project that is cheap and cute!
1. This figure uses two pipe cleaners. The first is folded in half and twisted at the top half to make the torso. The bottom is spread to make two legs. The second pipe cleaner is folded in half and twisted with a loop in the middle to make the head. Slide it through the top of the torso and twist to secure. Loop the ends to make round hands.
2. Make two balls with clay about the size of a grape. Press firmly to a small piece of cardboard. Stick a leg in each and give your figure an action pose.
4. Cut small pieces of yarn and tie to the top of the head.
5. Paint the clay feet the same color as the pipe cleaners.

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