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Weekly Wrap Up - What a Painted Umbrella Teaches, a New Take on Art History & a Birthday!

By Upatdawn @lisakeva
After a not so restful Sabbath week, we resumed with our 'normal' school activities.
In our study of Flying Creatures, we spent some time looking through field guides and listening to bird calls on CD.  We are brushing up on the birds that inhabit this area and looking forward to cooler weather to seek out these winged creatures!

Stokes Bird Call CD

Listening to the beauty and variation in Bird Calls.

During 'down time', my middle schooler had a great time assembly this 3-D puzzle of The Statue of Liberty.

3D Puzzle of the Statue of Liberty

3D Puzzle of The Statue of Liberty

My daughter and I had a special craft time together centered around The Princess and the Kiss Bible study.  Using an umbrella and fabric paint we created a visual reminder of 'submission to authority' citing  Jesus as our example.

Teaching submission with visual aids

Teaching submission with a visual aid

Painted umbrella

One view of the finished painted umbrella

Painted umbrella - The Princess and the Kiss

Another view!

Daughter with umbrella

My daughter with her finished project!

My oldest has come a long way in the pursuit of art.  Admittedly he's not a huge fan, but, likes the idea of earning college credit now instead of later!
This video was taken before our co-op Art class:

MC Escher - Meet the Masters

My oldest's version of MC Escher

The older kids studied MC Escher from the 'Meet the Masters' series.   I can happily report that the majority of groans over doing art disappeared after the project was completed!

Degas - Meet the Masters

My youngest's version of Degas

The younger kids did Degas, also from the "Meet the Masters" series.  The chalk dust shading went unfinished due to an undiagnosed chalk allergy!
Working on her task cards, my 3rd/4th grader discovered Biomes and Habitats! 

Creek Edge Press Geography Task Cards

Creek Edge Press Geography Task Cards 

 And last but not least, my oldest turned 14!!!!!
Weekly Wrap Up - What a Painted Umbrella Teaches, a New Take on Art History & a Birthday!

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