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Loss Dog: Keeping Memories Alive Paperblog Pick in Pets

The Loss of a Dog: Keeping His Memories Alive

The loss of a dog is a heartbreaking experience for any dog owners/lovers of all ages. But even when the dog is gone, you can still honor his memory through special memorials and... Read more

Keeps School Safe Paperblog Pick in Pets

Dog Keeps School Safe

Oak Hills High School has a new employee. The school district purchased Atticus, a black Dutch Shepherd dog, who will help patrol the halls and parking lot of high school five... Read more


  • Breed Spotlight: Bloodhound

    Breed Spotlight: Bloodhound

    Prev1 of 3NextOften distinguished for being a “unique looking dog in a baggy suit,” the bloodhound is one of the oldest dog breeds that specifically hunt by... Read more

    The 18 July 2013 by   Hundidocom
  • In the Dog House


    This morning I awoke with the full intention of taking some updated photos of the DH with which I could provide a splendid house tour blog post outlining my... Read more

    The 03 July 2013 by   Thedoodlehouse
  • Watch and Guard Dogs – Which Breeds Are the Best?

    Watch Guard Dogs Which Breeds Best?

    Dogs are very loyal and protective animals, and they have helped humans by serving as watch and guard dogs for many thousands of years. Read more

    The 30 July 2013 by   David13676
  • Dog Quotes, Idioms and Movie Lines

    Quotes, Idioms Movie Lines

    “A dog is a man’s best friend,” states one of the most famous dog quotes. But aside from this, there are quite a number of dog quotes, sayings, proverbs and eve... Read more

    The 24 July 2013 by   Hundidocom
  • VIRAL VIDEO: Pom Pom DOG “RUNS” Wild on the Streets!

    VIRAL VIDEO: “RUNS” Wild Streets!

    Jiff the Pomeranian pup ”runs” on two hind legs | YouTube The Pet World has recently seen a new rising star. Like Boo, he's also a Pom Pom or also known as a... Read more

    The 28 July 2013 by   Hausofpaws
  • Helping a Nervous Dog Relax

    Helping Nervous Relax

    Just like humans, dogs get nervous, too. It’s extremely important for dog owners to know how to help nervous dog relax. Both owners and canines must develop a... Read more

    The 26 July 2013 by   Hundidocom
  • VIDEO: 4 Pugs Parade on a Patriotic 4th of July Float!

    VIDEO: Pugs Parade Patriotic July Float!

    4 adorable Pugs celebrate Independence Day on a Patriotic Float | Facebook While we celebrated the adoption of the Declaration of Independence here in the US... Read more

    The 08 July 2013 by   Hausofpaws
  • Japan Unveils the DOG Spa of the Future!

    Japan Unveils Future!

    The Doggie Hyperbaric Chamber by Air Press Japan has always been a country that is on the cutting edge of technology. Many of the advances such as the... Read more

    The 01 July 2013 by   Hausofpaws
  • Listen to the Most Relaxing Music Made for DOGS Only!

    Listen Most Relaxing Music Made DOGS Only!

    Music made exclusively for dogs that will relax them | YouTube/Relaxmydogmusic Think you've had a hard day? Stress is often associated with humans, but can our... Read more

    The 22 July 2013 by   Hausofpaws
  • Infographic: The Healing Power Of DOGS

    Infographic: Healing Power DOGS

    The Healing Power of Dogs: an infographic | ZocDoc Did you know that dog owners (people over 54) visit the doctor's office less often than people without dogs? Read more

    The 10 July 2013 by   Hausofpaws