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What is a Dog Muzzle?

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
dog muzzle

A dog muzzle is a double purpose tool used for dogs. One of the main uses of muzzle is to help train service dogs, as well as housetraining canines as pets. The other purpose of the muzzle is to safeguard the dog owners/handlers when training and working with an aggressive or stray dog. Quite a number of cities around the globe require dogs to be muzzled when they’re playing or running outdoors, especially at public parks.


Make and Model

The first thing to remember with dog muzzle is that the device is not designed as a tool to punish a dog. Although the muzzle covers the dog’s snout thus restricting his ability to open his mouth, the muzzle isn’t a tool of torture. Some muzzle models cover the dog’s entire snout, while other muzzles are designed that allow less restrictions. But all makes and models of muzzle are created either with breathable materials or woven with air holes.


Aside from the two main purposes mentioned above, dog muzzle has still other uses. Dog handlers and trainers can also use the muzzle to prevent or stop the dog’s excessive barking. Chewing issues can also be corrected with the muzzle. For injured dogs, putting a muzzle can prevent them from turning aggressive when they’re in pain or hurting.

Like using crates, the benefits and use of dog muzzle is debatable. There are a lot of dog owners and animal right groups who oppose the use of dog muzzle, particularly for dogs that don’t require excessive and rigid training (unlike guard dogs). Bottom line is a dog owner must learn and understand the pros and cons of using the dog muzzle prior to using the device for their dogs. If they use the device properly, it can be a very useful tool to properly train a dog.

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