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Baby Lily Baxter Too.... Paperblog Pick in Pets

Baby Lily and Baxter Too....

Baby Lily has got a lot of extra skin and wrinkles and stuffround her neck. That is in case you need to pick her up.She has also got big feet.I am no longer a puppy, but one of... Read more

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Update on Previous Blog Topics 2

(colored text is linked to the original over and refresh your memory)Help Find Lizzy: Dog Lost in Ashland Kentucky!I am thrilled to report that Iowa Dog Lizzy was... Read more


  • Dog Bites Shark, Lives to Tell Tale

    Bites Shark, Lives Tell Tale

    Foreground: Sharks. Background: One very brave dog. In a dog versus shark match-up, smart money would be on the shark. In this video from Australia, however,... Read more

    The 18 July 2011 by   Periscope
  • Help Find Lizzy: Dog Lost in Ashland Kentucky!

    Help Find Lizzy: Lost Ashland Kentucky!

    IF YOU ARE FROM KENTUCKY, WE NEED YOUR HELP! A local Iowa family is heartbroken today. They went on a cross country driving vacation. During the trip, they... Read more

    The 22 July 2011 by   Immydog
  • Doggy Fun Facts About Retrieving Dogs

    Doggy Facts About Retrieving Dogs

    There are many dogs, specifically retrieving dogs, that were originally bred to retrieve fishing nets.  This is amazing to me to learn how in-tune dog and man... Read more

    The 06 July 2011 by   Dogercise