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Japan Unveils the DOG Spa of the Future!

By Hausofpaws @hausofpaws

Doggie Hyperbaric Chamber photo by Air Press

The Doggie Hyperbaric Chamber by Air Press

Japan has always been a country that is on the cutting edge of technology. Many of the advances such as the high-definition television and the blu-ray disc was first introduced in Japan, but now another innovation has hit the Pet World! Luxury spas in Tokyo has rolled out super spa treatments for dogs from an invention that has been around for centuries - the hyperbaric chamber!

Japan Unveils the DOG Spa of the Future!

Hyberbaric treatment at dogs spas in Japan are used to treat
weight loss and lethargic dogs | ABC News

As part of a $16 billion dollar pet industry in Japan, luxury pet spas have been offering massages, mud packs, hot springs and aromatherapy for pooches and now hyperbaric treatment. 

Canine Innovation?

Hyperbaric treatment for dogs is nothing new, for years veterinarians have been using it here in the US for dogs with distressing ailments, but dog spas in Japan are turning it into a luxury, offering 10-30 minute sessions for owners who don't have the time to walk their dog, in treating weight loss, anti-aging and cell rejuvenation by giving these pups the energy boost they need.
“Dogs are increasingly becoming a valuable part of the family,” said Masahito Kitoh, the owner of Aspet, one of two companies selling the canine chambers. “Owners are doing everything they can to extend their lives, more than ever,” reports ABC news.
Japan Unveils the DOG Spa of the Future!
The Science
“The capsules pump 100-percent oxygen at elevated pressures so the blood absorbs more oxygen, and speeds up the body’s recovery time, says Kitoh. The capsule was first launched by the Japanese company Air Press back in 2007 and now with over 100 locations throughout the country, treatments run between $15 for a 10-minute session.

Better known to treat treat athletic injuries in medical therapy for athletes like Michael Phelps, the barometric pressure inside the capsule is equivalent to diving seven feet under water. 

Japan Unveils the DOG Spa of the Future!

Mayumi NiiZuka's two mini Schnauzers get rejuvenated in the
hyperbaric chamber | ABC News

Mayumi NiiZuka, who brings her two miniature Schnauzers to the local spa spends more than $1,000 on her two pups, which is far more than she spends on her and her daughter. 

“We may not be celebrities but we treat our dogs like one,” she says, laughing, according to ABC news.

Mayumi NiiZuka says the treatment also adds extra shine to her miniature Schnauzer's fur. Berun and Kilche come in for 1-minute sessions twice a month, coupled with aromatherapy, a mud pack and blow out, she pays a whopping $400 dollars every visit. 

Japan Unveils the DOG Spa of the Future!

10 minutes inside the capsule is claimed to be equal to 2 hours
of exercise | ABC News

But just how effective are the oxygen treatments?It is claimed to 10 minutes inside the chamber is equivalent to 2 hours of exercise and takes three sessions a week to really shed the pounds.
Niizuka insists that extra oxygen gives her dog that extra balance, she also says “they've gotten rid of all their rashes.”

“Lack of exercise, stress and obesity are all reasons [for the oxygen boost],” therapist Sanae Hagiwara said.

Niizuka admits she's not completely sold on the scientific benefits behind the hyberbaric chamber but sees a difference in her two dogs. “They are so much more energetic. “Plus, they have that extra shine in their fur now,” she says.
VIDEO: The science behind Japan's new dog spas. SOURCE: ABC NEWS

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