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DRAMATIC VIDEO: DOG Narrowly Escapes Heatstroke!

By Hausofpaws @hausofpaws

DRAMATIC VIDEO: DOG Narrowly Escapes Heatstroke!

Dramatic moment when a dog escapes heatstroke | YouTube

A parked car can become a deadly place for a dog. The temperature inside a vehicle can reach up to 120°F/49°C on a 78°F/26°C degree day within minutes and can soar to 160°F/71°C on a 90°F/32°C degree day within 10 minutes. What would you do if you saw a dog sitting inside a vehicle during a sizzling hot day? The following video shows the dramatic moment when two girls answered that question.

DRAMATIC VIDEO: DOG Narrowly Escapes Heatstroke!

A car can reach up to 160°F/71°C within 10 min. on a90°F/32°C day | YouTube

The normal temperature of a dog is 101°F/38°C; at 106°F and above, a dog can be prone to heatstroke which can lead to organ failure and die within minutes. Heatstroke from overheated cars is becoming a common cause of death in dogs every year. 

DRAMATIC VIDEO: DOG Narrowly Escapes Heatstroke!

Heatstroke can lead to organ failure in dogs | YouTube

In the following video, watch as two girls confront a deadly scenario as they make a split decision when they spot an overheated car with a dog. 

VIDEO: Heart-stopping moment a dog narrowly escapes heatstroke
Dogs should never be left in car during a hot day, but which type of dogs are at a greater risk for heatstroke?: Puppies, older dogs, overweight and sick canines who are sick or recovering from surgery. In addition, breeds with double-coats, breeds bred from cold climates and short-faced (brachycephalic) breeds are at even greater risk.
LIST of Double-Coated, Short-Faced and Cold Climate Breeds:

Akitas Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

American Eskimo Dogs Huskies

Anatolian Shepherds Irish Wolfhounds

Bearded Collies Malamutes

Bernese Mountain Dogs Newfoundlands

Boston Terriers Norwegian Elkhounds

Bouvier des Flandres Old English Sheepdogs

Boxers Pekinese

Bulldogs (especially English Bulldogs) Poms (Pomeranians)

Chow Chows Pugs

Collies Samoyeds

Golden Retrievers Shelties

Great Pyrenees Shibu Inus

Source: Yahoo Voices
You may also find the infographic How to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer a helpful guide on keeping your dog safe during the hot days.
Source: PETA | RSPCA | Yahoo Voices

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