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Breed Spotlight: Bloodhound

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
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bloodhoundOften distinguished for being a “unique looking dog in a baggy suit,” the bloodhound is one of the oldest dog breeds that specifically hunt by means of sense of smell. Bloodhounds are affectionate dogs, though shy at times. They’re particularly sensitive to generosity or reprimand from their owners. The name of the breed originated from the breed’s status as blooded hound which means of high aristocracy since a great deal of work were taken early on to keep bloodhounds clean.

Also known as Chien de Saint-Hubert, bloodhounds made their first appearance in Europe, way before the Crusaders appeared. Believed to be descended from the hounds that once kept at the Abbey of St. Hubert in Belgium, bloodhounds are a large scent breed of dogs that were originally bred for hunting deer, wild boar, and later on tracking people, too.

The bloodhound is popular for the dog’s ability to distinguish human scents even after a number of days later, over great distances, and even with body water separating the dog from his hunt. Bloodhound’s unique sense of smells combined with his tenacity and innate tracking instinct makes the dog the best helper for police and law enforcement worldwide to track down escaped prisoners, missing people and animals, too.

Physical wise, a bloodhound is a huge dog.

Head – long, narrow, proportion to the dog’s length

Muzzle – long

Nose – black

Eyes – deeply sunken, diamond in shape, color varies from deep hazel to yellow

Ears – thin, soft, drooping, extremely long

Dewlap – very pronounced

Legs – (front) muscular, straight

Tail – carried high, slight curve above the topline

Bloodhounds have a lot of extra, wrinkled skin hanging exceptionally loose, particularly around the head and neck area. These folds help the dog in holding the scent particles while tracking. Bloodhound’s coat is, obviously, wrinkled, and short.

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