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Superheroes Taking Selfies Paperblog Pick in Humor

Superheroes Taking Selfies

You might think that superheroes are out saving human lives  and occupied with other superhero stuff all day, but despite what most believe, superheroes are vain individuals, too. Read more

Send Clowns: Note Fear, Humor, Painted Faces Paperblog Pick in Humor

Send in the Clowns: A Note on Fear, Humor, and Painted Faces

Clowns are terrifying.I am convinced that the very concept, while on the surface seeming to be an innocuous effort to play on simply comedic principles of exaggerated facial... Read more


  • Travel Accessories

    Travel Accessories

    With just 10 days until I head to the US for BlogHer, I'm starting to get a little antsy about the 15 hour long haul flight. I love flying. I don't mind... Read more

    The 10 July 2013 by   Parentalparody
  • Banksy Appointed To British Government

    Banksy Appointed British Government

    Hello! Gfb is grabbing some me time for the next week or so. Hooray! we hear you cry – sadly we don’t disappear that easily – here are some posts which proved... Read more

    The 28 July 2013 by   Gingerfightback
  • Long Live Queen Isabella I

    Long Live Queen Isabella

    The birth of a new prince – like glimpsing the lion and unicorn on the masthead of The Age in Melbourne or a traffic jam caused by work on Elizabeth Quay in... Read more

    The 25 July 2013 by   Ben Anderson
  • Ed Sheeran Speaks To Gingerfightback!

    Sheeran Speaks Gingerfightback!

    World Exclusive!Ginger troubadour, Ed Sheeran recently spoke to Gingerfightback about music, his lucky sausage Dennis and his love of sheep and coach holidays. Read more

    The 18 July 2013 by   Gingerfightback
  • There Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues

    There Ain’t Cure Summertime Blues

    We’re smack dab in the middle of those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer, and with it an incurable affliction – the Summertime Blues.The title to Eddie Cochran’s... Read more

    The 25 July 2013 by   Humorinamerica
  • What Your Email Sign-Off Really Means

    What Your Email Sign-Off Really Means

    'Cheers', 'all best', 'warm regards' - having to choose the best way to sign off an email is a minefield. There are few elements of modernity as vexing as the... Read more

    The 19 July 2013 by   Gerard
  • Ginger Heartache With Aunty Bill – Where Are They Now?

    Ginger Heartache With Aunty Bill Where They Now?

    We recently received news about this person who if you remember found herself in a bizarre love triangle…….Keep Lung And Beautiful!Aunty Bill,Last week I marrie... Read more

    The 14 July 2013 by   Gingerfightback
  • I'm New in Town So Naturally I Wanted to Spend the Day at the DMV

    Town Naturally Wanted Spend

    I had such high hopes. My hopes were as high as Coit Tower. My hopes were higher than the hill I have to walk up to take my dog to the park (which is high,... Read more

    The 21 July 2013 by   Dianelaneyfitzpatrick
  • When Jews Fall out - Take Cover!

    When Jews Fall Take Cover!

    Actually, in this particularly woeful tale my title is a bit of a slur on the Jews for whom I am second to none in my admiration. It should read 'When experts... Read more

    The 30 July 2013 by   Davidduff
  • Usain Bolt: Chinstrap Lover!

    Usain Bolt: Chinstrap Lover!

    Hello!In an occasional series, Gingerfightback brings to you some of the great and good down the years who have proudly borne the chinstrap. Read more

    The 13 July 2013 by   Gingerfightback


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