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Toddlers Tiaras: Nobody Throws Hawaiian Luau Sweet Pageant Like Mississippi, Right? Slip Your Grass Skirt High Heels…It’s Time Slam Pixie Stick Coladas. Paperblog Pick in Humor

Toddlers & Tiaras: Nobody Throws A Hawaiian Luau Sweet Pea Pageant Like Mississippi, Right? Slip On Your Grass Skirt And High Heels…It’s Time To Slam A Few Pixie Stick Coladas.

And the award for Mrs. Ultimate Grand Supreme Vicarious Living goes to… I have no clue what sexy means, but in my silver Hello Kitty stilettos I can tell I’m sexy.  And... Read more

Yankees Hand Free Toothbrush First 1,000 Fans with Teeth Paperblog Pick in Humor

Yankees to Hand Out Free Toothbrush to First 1,000 Fans with Teeth

In a promotion widely hailed as a valiant first step in combating the epidemic of tooth decay among Yankees fans, the team announced today that for an upcoming game they will hand... Read more