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Ginger Beauty – With Oily George

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback

new oily

Hello Oily

Are Atoms hairy?

Gwyneth, Primrose Hill

Oily Replies

They are indeed. In the 60′s I was in a psychedelic folk rock jazz mambo fusion band called Atom and the Aunts. I was Atom and I had a lot of hair. That is all the proof you need. My backing band were ‘The Aunts’. Thankfully they did not look like your typical Aunt Agnes; no hairy upper lip, no frumpy clothes no tendency to clean your face with their hanky.

No, these Aunts were 22, dressed in mini skirts, long legged, busty, oily. We did many gigs up and down the country from the top of Soho to, well, the bottom of Soho. Had a residency spot at my good friend and fellow S&M freak Raymond Revues Niteclub, ‘The Exploding Nuts’.

McQueen,  Newman, Hendrix, Sid James, Babs Windsor, Ronnie and Reggie, John Profumo-Scandal, all regular visitors and all very satisfied customers. Always best to clear the bar of all sharp objects before Ronnie called mind you. Such temper tantrums, it was always me me me with that one!


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