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  • Flower Overload

    Flower Overload

    Guys. I thought I loved flowers. And then I made 132 of them and now I'm not so sure anymore. Mind you, that's cutting, shaping, handpainting petals and leaves... Read more

    The 08 October 2012 by   Thehousethatlarsbuilt
  • This Old Dog is Bound and Determined to Learn Some New Tricks!

    This Bound Determined Learn Some Tricks!

    Perfect moment for some stream of consciousness writing. Today our prompt is: What new tricks would you like to learn or have you learned? I would like to... Read more

    The 28 October 2012 by   Juliejordanscott
  • Fort Street E1...

    Fort Street E1...

    Metropolitan Borough of Shoreditch...We have found this type/style/design of bollard (above) before with the lettering 'M B S' which stands for the 'Metropolita... Read more

    The 31 October 2012 by   Bollards Of London
  • Sorry for the Suddenness

    Sorry Suddenness

    Fellow readers and writers, lend me your eyes (as you are just reading this entry). I would sincerely like to apologize for the misuse of grammar, tenses,... Read more

    The 02 October 2012 by   Bazkarim
  • I'm Addicted to All Things Design

    Addicted Things Design

    So I found this new iPad app called Blogsy. I think I'm gonna be addicted. I hadn't seen any app that utilized the iPad so well for something like this before. Read more

    The 11 October 2012 by   Cantuccfd
  • Redheads Do Have More Fun!

    Redheads Have More Fun!

    Hi Guys! Deciding I was extremely bored of my dull brunette hair, I convinced myself that red hair was the way forward. Not Rihanna red hair obvs, my pale... Read more

    The 21 October 2012 by   Laurat24
  • Barrista Love: How a Friendly Face May Turn a Whole Week Around

    Barrista Love: Friendly Face Turn Whole Week Around

    This morning our usual barrista greeted us with her ever-present smile on her face. It was Monday morning of a bright shiny new week. She said to me when I was... Read more

    The 30 October 2012 by   Juliejordanscott
  • Thank You Mother

    Thank Mother

    Thank you for the elaborate childhood birthday parties, complete with the zebra sandwiches and choux pastryThank you for showing us it is possible to work and... Read more

    The 16 October 2012 by   Sharasekaram
  • If You're in a Rut Take a Drive.

    You're Take Drive.

    I love Jared. (my husband). This doesn't mean that every second we are together I get butterflies, though. Sometimes I need to restore that "first met" feeling. Read more

    The 26 October 2012 by   Mikidemann
  • So LA.

    Just because I'm getting married, doesn't mean I'm getting all fancy and "adulty" on you. Ha! That'll be the day. I'm still the same little coquine who gets in... Read more

    The 11 October 2012 by   Ellacoquine


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