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50 Shades of Stupid!

By Mikidemann @mikidemann

Good day lady folk! I am sure there is one gentleman folk reading this, and good day to you too! Today I am co-hosting a link-up that I think all of you will really enjoy. We all get to link up, and  tell our stupid and embarrassing stories. Then the BEST part is that we get to go and laugh at other people's expense. I was so excited when Julie started this link-up, because it's really a good pick me up to laugh at other's misfortune. When she offered up co-hosting spots, I decided to go ahead and volunteer myself. 
Welcome to 50 SHADES OF STUPID!The Brand New Link Up where we tell on all the stupid things we do and say!

So my story is a very stupid and very embarrassing story. I do a lot of incredibly dumb things, but  this is that ONE story. The one where every time I think of it, I still am incredibly embarrassed that I am the star of it.
My senior year I was working a few jobs. One of the jobs I had was as an office assistant at an Orthodontist. This particular Ortho was a good family friend. He had actually hired me as a favor, because I wanted work release from school. He didn't really need anyone at the time, but I begged and made my parents beg, and he finally decided that he could use a little minion around the office. I worked there 3 -4 days a week, for only a few hours a day. Usually about 2 or 3. He was an awesome boss, and I loved working there. I felt like the special employee since our family's were good friends, I always thought I was getting special treatment. However, I was still a teenager right??
So come December  I had taken 3 weeks off. My family goes to Mexico each Christmas. Since my boss knew my family, and knew me he was totally cool about me taking almost a month off. I was really excited to leave school and work, so I might have even taken a few days more than needed off. I was that kid.... bad miki.
The worst part is that my family vacation got cancelled that year, because my mom was in school, and couldn't get that much time off without failing some of her classes. After many drag out fights, bawling and trying to convince my mom she didn't need an education I lost the battle and the vacation was cancelled. I decided I really didn't want to go to work for that 3 weeks though. I had already gotten the time off, they didn't really need me.
So about a week into my fake vacation, I realized that I had forgotten to take a gift over to  my boss's house. We had an office gift exchange, and I had promised I would bring something over before I left. I started to feel extremely guilty thinking that someone would not receive the $10 fleece blanket that I bought. Even thought I was playing hooky, and being a terrible employee, it was the BLANKET that weighed on my conscience. I couldn't think of what to do.
I called my trusty friend Ellen. (You all should know her name by now - the one friend I did/ do everything with). We devised a plan that I would drive my car to his house, then I'd hide in the back seat while she took the blanket to his doorstep, and explained that I had entrusted her to give this blanket to him before I left. The plan was going great we get a few houses down from his house, and I crawl into the backseat, she takes the wheel. Everything was going according to plan.  She gets out of the car, rings the doorbell, hands the blanket over, and we're in the clear. I was feeling really good about my decision as I laid silently across the back seat.
Ellen gets back in my little 1995 Corolla, and puts it in drive. The wheels are spinning, but we're not moving. It was a pretty bad winter that year, and there was a lot of snow. Of course, my corolla didn't have 4 wheel drive. She is used to driving a vehicle with 4 wheel, so she didn't know the tricks of the trade. I hear my boss's voice ask if she needs help. I start to panic in the back. I am whisper screaming for her to get out of the car and distract him while I try and hobble through the back seat into the trunk. Being the awesome best friend she is, she jumps out of the car and tries to distract him. I was trying to judge where they were at by their voices. I only had to push a little button on top of the seat, it would fold over, and I'd be safely in the trunk.
As I reach for the button, I look up, and my boss is staring in the back window. "Miki, is that you?". I have never been more embarrassed in my life. I had to get out of the car, which at this point and probably before this point it was incredibly obvious I was hiding from him. I was hoping he'd judge me less since I was just trying to bring him my office gift exchange present. He ends up telling me that a few days before, he ran into my mom at the store and she told him we weren't going to Mexico that year. I did the cowardly thing, and never went back to work.
Can you top that?
{A note from our link-up goddess}Now, it's YOUR turn, Grab a button, tell me something dumb you did last week,last month, last year, 14 years ago...or maybe something you do regularly!I am ready to get my giggle on. You know, the giggle you get when you are alone.At your computer. Smiling like a monkey. That giggle.Grab a button, link up, follow me and my two co-hosts  this week, and make us laugh. My 2 Co-hosts this week are:
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