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Trembling, Parenting Paperblog Pick in Creativity

On Trembling, On Parenting

Ruby RomeoThirteen years ago, I had been in labor for twenty-three hours, and though I didn’t know it then, I still had eight hours to go. Read more

Paintings: Tree Life, Star Clouds Fiery Colors Paperblog Pick in Creativity

3 New Oil Paintings: Tree of Life, Star Clouds & Fiery Colors

This painting is called Peaceful Evening. It’s meant to give you a peaceful feeling of being at one with the universe/God/the circle of life, or whatever meaning most resonates wit... Read more


  • Last Night’s Exhibit & Top 100 Art Blogs

    Last Night’s Exhibit Blogs

    Here are a few photos from the reception of my art exhibit last night, in case you missed them on Facebook. My paintings up in the space before it filled up wit... Read more

    The 22 February 2013 by   Artbycedar
  • Free Today! Real Bokeh

    Free Today! Real Bokeh

    Real Bokeh is FREE Today! Features- 21 beautiful bokeh shapes- Draw multiple bokehs with finger touch- Apply multiple bokeh shapes to one photo- Change bokeh... Read more

    The 26 February 2013 by   Art Of Mob
  • How to Draw Brabbles & Boggitt---a Tutorial

    Draw Brabbles Boggitt---a Tutorial

    As promised last week, and in response to the requests I've received from some of you, I'm delighted to be showing you how I go about producing the characters... Read more

    The 20 February 2013 by   Karl
  • Dollhouses and Knitting

    Dollhouses Knitting

    Well it turns out I’m not as well and able as I thought, but I do have plenty of stuff to post about. The other night I decided I would learn how to knit again... Read more

    The 12 February 2013 by   Afamiliarillusion
  • Faster We Burn: New Adult Cover Reveal for Valentine's Day

    Faster Burn: Adult Cover Reveal Valentine's

    This is the sequel to the NA Romance, Deeper We Fall:Faster We Burn by Chelsea M. Cameron (Deeper We Fall #2)Genre: New Adult ContemporaryPublication date:... Read more

    The 14 February 2013 by   Selane
  • Bubbling in the Cauldron : Chicken with Honey, Lavender, Sweet Curry, Onion and...

    Bubbling Cauldron Chicken with Honey, Lavender, Sweet Curry, Onion Lemon

    Honey, Lavender and Lemon Chicken This is the easiest recipe ever...and one of the loveliest. I kid you not, you can whip this up in five minutes...bake it for... Read more

    The 14 February 2013 by   Bethschreibmangehring
  • Back From Storybrooke

    Back From Storybrooke

    Harriet has travelled 465.9 miles since Friday morning, and made her first International trip, smuggling Americans over the border.…She was very... Read more

    The 10 February 2013 by   Shewritesalittle
  • Harriet, Marty & Roz “Do” Canada

    Harriet, Marty “Do” Canada

    So this is my “Friday.”…Tomorrow, in the early morning times, I’m driving Harriet south to pick up Marty (and her Sailor Moon pillow and her Snooki slippers),... Read more

    The 07 February 2013 by   Shewritesalittle
  • Inspirations No. 1- Clovis

    Inspirations Clovis

    Influences in cartooning don't just stop with experience. You don't just wake up one day and say: 'Hey, I'm a cartoonist! Great, no more being inspired by the... Read more

    The 27 February 2013 by   Karl
  • Valentine’s Day Q&A; With “Heartthrob” Deck Thomas!

    Valentine’s Q&A; With “Heartthrob” Deck Thomas!

    I decided to have Deck Thomas from Rita Hayworth’s Shoes be the character to answer my Valentine’s Day questions for one very simple reason: I’m in love with... Read more

    The 15 February 2013 by   Francinelasala


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