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At the Horizon of Dreams

By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5
At the Horizon of DreamsI've read it all.
He is thinking about her and she can see that by just looking in his big eyes that gleam in bright rays of yellow. The Sun is right above the distant green mountains, making its set, throwing vibrant rays on their perfect setting. He's sitting on the greenest of landscape, with long grass dancing to the melodies of the wind. The wind,  finding its way to her burgundy hair, throwing them against his face. And they position their face, knowing the next step. They close in softly, gradually as their eyes go for a synchronized shut. And the Sun sets…
I've watched it all.
In the chilly cold of a quiet night and a slightly rocking boat. The sound of waves crashing against a far away beach. Them being on the roof of the boat, looking at a full moon, with thousands of shimmering fire flies adding to its glorious light . And the wallpaper, a black with a hint of nebula red.
His fingers find their way into hers followed by a strong embrace. And they hear the silent sound of love, cueing them to a closure. His eyes pouring into hers as they close up and loose themselves for the briefest of moments, a moment that takes a millennia to finish.
. . . But what I've experienced,
The hollow hum of an empty squash court playing through my ears. I could see the reflection of a poorly maintained cricket ground on the glass door of one of the three parallel courts. A receptionist in the entrance humming, minding his own business, and a maid cleaning the floors. Whatever toxic she was using, had its repulsive smell dominating the air.
She was seated on a metal chair, her braid resting on her shoulder, and I sat on a table beside her, mainly cause the next available chair placed me far from her.  We both looked in opposite directions, sights avoiding, hearts pounding, staring at two different walls. I turned to her and she was still looking at the wall. My heart was beating out of my chest now and breathing became difficult. I could feel the anticipation and eagerness cutting through my throat. I leaned in abruptly and awkwardly and positioned a kiss on her cheek, to which she responded by turning her face to me

*And our lips met for the first time*

After a second that seemed like a passionate era, we broke apart to admire the walls again. Both blushing heavily, with swift intense love painting crimson red on our ears. We turned to face each other once again, but our eyes remained shut with obsession at its peak. Another moment filled with heavy intimacy comes to an end with us looking in each others eyes. I turn to look at the wall once more when I see a figure approaching in the reflection. I look at her again, 'one last?' And once more we breath through each other as the curtain falls on what I believe to be the perfect of all moments, as my heart welcomes irresistible feelings for this special someone.
. . And what I've experienced has no worthy contender that can come even close to thinking of a better momen

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