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  • Poem: APC


    Armored Personnel Carrier 10 tons of angry seaweed green, a weighty sight when viewed from Dal Lake in a languidly rocking shikara the APC’s slits, the... Read more

    The 07 February 2017 by   Berniegourley
  • Royal Aircraft Factory BE.2c

    Royal Aircraft Factory BE.2c

    @ Imperial War Museum, London, UK June 2003 Taken during my first trip with a digital camera, if only I had known then what I know now…  The Royal Aircraft... Read more

    The 13 February 2017 by   Htam
  • How To Build A Porch Swing From Recycled Materials

    Build Porch Swing From Recycled Materials

    There are many ideas on Pinterest about creating and building your own Porch Swing from recycling materials. We are just going to mention some examples of... Read more

    The 16 February 2017 by   Infographixdirectory
  • Doanld Trump Speaking to Himself on Foreign Policy

    Doanld Trump Speaking Himself Foreign Policy

    “I’m speaking with myself, number one, becauseI have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things."(Donald Trump on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” in early March... Read more

    The 17 February 2017 by   Rvbadalam
  • a Spirit of Stupidity Entered Him

    Spirit Stupidity Entered

    the following sign was posted in buildings in the Ezras Torah neighborhood of Jerusalem: the sign call son local residents to be aware of someone living in a... Read more

    The 19 February 2017 by   Gldmeier
  • Lufthansa Airbus A380-800

    Lufthansa Airbus A380-800

    @ San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, CA February 2017 Recently we were privileged to get a tour of the old SFO control tower prior to... Read more

    The 26 February 2017 by   Htam
  • They Were Talented but Opportunities Never Beckoned for Them !!!

    They Were Talented Opportunities Never Beckoned Them

    I vaguely remember that in 1983, Triplicane suddenly became abuzz – news was TA Sekar, a quickie of Tamil Nadu team had been called mid-way to Pakistan as a... Read more

    The 22 February 2017 by   Sampathkumar Sampath
  • WILDLAND FIRE SUPPRESSION SPECIALIST (Helicopter) Oregon Dept. of Forestry (OR)

    WILDLAND FIRE SUPPRESSION SPECIALIST (Helicopter) Oregon Dept. Forestry (OR)

    Oregon Dept of Forestry (OR) is accepting apps for WILDLAND FIRE SUPPRESSION SPECIALIST (SPA Helicopter Admin) Until: March 17, 2017. Salary $2,868.00 –... Read more

    The 25 February 2017 by   Firecareers
  • Bridging The Divide

    Bridging Divide

    UC Berkeley I dressed up as Donald Trump for Halloween in 2015. My costume was inspired by my disbelief that a “sexy Donald Trump” costume was being sold on... Read more

    The 08 February 2017 by   Juliez
  • SS-GB: Why The Renewed Obsession With Alternative Nazi Histories?

    SS-GB: Renewed Obsession With Alternative Nazi Histories?

    BBC/Sid Gentle Films Ltd/Laurie SparhamBy Sam Edwards, Manchester Metropolitan University Nazis have taken over London – on screens at least. Read more

    The 21 February 2017 by   Loup Dargent