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  • Las Vegas: It’s Not About “guns”

    Vegas: It’s About “guns”

    After every mass shooting, the NRA says it’s not about guns. They’re right.It’s about military style assault weapons.The Supreme Court, in Heller v. Read more

    The 02 October 2017 by   Fsrcoin
  • The Minimum Wage Won't Buy Decent Housing In Any State

    Minimum Wage Won't Decent Housing State

    The national minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 an hour ($15,080 a year). The Republicans will tell you that is enough, and the minimum wage does not... Read more

    The 20 September 2017 by   Jobsanger
  • A Majority Of Americans Don't Want Trump To Run In 2020

    Majority Americans Don't Want Trump 2020

    This has got to be depressing for the lying hypocrite in the White House. It seems that 54% of the public thinks he should NOT run for re-election in 2020, whil... Read more

    The 08 September 2017 by   Jobsanger
  • Another Day, Another Disgrace

    Another Day, Disgrace

    Trump has killed the DACA program — “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” — allowing people brought to America before age 16 to stay.Most of these 800,000 ar... Read more

    The 07 September 2017 by   Fsrcoin
  • 1981: My Summer with NASA

    1981: Summer with NASA

    Something I painted when I was, oh, nine or ten. See that meteor streaking at the upper right? My teacher, Glenn Brought painted that. How do I know? The brush... Read more

    The 07 September 2017 by   Bbenzon
  • The Netherlands May Let Children Have More Than Two Legal Parents

    Netherlands Children Have More Than Legal Parents

    FOUR years ago Pepijn Zwanenberg, a club DJ and a city-council member for the GreenLeft party in Utrecht, sat down with his boyfriend Ivo and their friend... Read more

    The 07 September 2017 by   Stizzard
  • Americans Don't Like Trump's Bigoted Transgender Ban

    Americans Don't Like Trump's Bigoted Transgender

    A few days ago, Trump tweeted that he would ban transgendered Americans from serving in the military. He said he had done that after conferring with military... Read more

    The 05 August 2017 by   Jobsanger
  • Democratic Backsliding in Bulgaria

    Democratic Backsliding Bulgaria

    Protest in Sofia, February 2013, via Wikimedia CommonsThe Institute for Market Economics (IME), an independent economic policy think tank in Bulgaria, has sough... Read more

    The 04 August 2017 by   Center For International Private Enterprise
  • Why Is There Still A Rape Kit Backlog?

    There Still Rape Backlog?

    We need justice for survivors. There are very few (if any) women who haven’t thought about it. We think about it as we walk to our cars after a night out, as... Read more

    The 02 August 2017 by   Juliez
  • Dynamics of Medieval Cities

    Dynamics Medieval Cities

    Cities provide a good illustration of the ontology of the theory of assemblage (link). Many forms of association, production, logistics, governance, and... Read more

    The 29 July 2017 by   Dlittle30