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Nick Kyrgios Offers Donate $200 Pledging Support Victims Bushfire Paperblog Pick in Society

Nick Kyrgios Offers to Donate $200 Per Ace - Pledging Support for Victims of Bushfire

In the Tennis World, as in any other Sports, there are characters. Ilie Năstase a Romanian was a great player who often was in the news for his temperament too. Read more


  • Opinion Showed A Huge Change In 3 Areas In Last Decade

    Opinion Showed Huge Change Areas Last Decade

    Traditionally, public opinion has changed slowly on big issues in the United States. But the last decade (2010 - 2019) was different. On three important... Read more

    The 01 January 2020 by   Jobsanger
  • It Is Time To Significantly Raise The Minimum Wage

    Time Significantly Raise Minimum Wage

    The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour (about $290 a week or $15,080 a year). It has not been raised in 20 years, and its' buying power is very low (and grow... Read more

    The 01 January 2020 by   Jobsanger
  • Hereby Resolved

    Hereby Resolved

    Photo credit: chensiyuan, Wikipedia CommonsNew Year’s resolutions have never been my thing. Having had a good Calvinistic upbringing, I’m a natural... Read more

    The 01 January 2020 by   Steveawiggins
  • New Year 2020 Revelry ~ is Not Jan1, Just Another Day ?

    Year 2020 Revelry Jan1, Just Another

    Another year has fleeted past ! ~ 2019 is gone and year 2020 has born. 2020 is a leap year and would it make any changes in your lives ? – is there hope, fear o... Read more

    The 01 January 2020 by   Sampathkumar Sampath
  • eBay Unveils the Most Interesting and Expensive Purchases of 2019

    eBay Unveils Most Interesting Expensive Purchases 2019

    2015 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster, 2019 Lamborghini Urus "Bianco Icarus,” 2005 Ford Ford GT, 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and a 2019 Lamborghini Huraca... Read more

    The 01 January 2020 by   Loup Dargent
  • A Decade of New Savanna: 2010-2019

    Decade Savanna: 2010-2019

    I made my first post at New Savanna on April 14, 2010 and have published 6607 posts up through December 31, 2019. This chart shows yearly totals for the... Read more

    The 01 January 2020 by   Bbenzon
  • What to Listen for in a (false) Teacher

    What Listen (false) Teacher

    By Elizabeth PrataFalse Teachers (as are politicians) are selling something. Will you buy?It was a startling moment when at the October 2019 Truth Matters... Read more

    The 01 January 2020 by   Elizabethprata
  • Lost in Space [Media Notes 28]

    Lost Space [Media Notes

    I’ve just finished season two of the remake of Lost in Space and, for some reason, am working my way back through season one. I never saw the original, which... Read more

    The 01 January 2020 by   Bbenzon
  • The Power of Case Studies in System Safety

    Power Case Studies System Safety

    Images: Andrew Hopkins titles Images: Other safety sourcesOne of the genuinely interesting aspects of the work of Andrew Hopkins is the extensive case studies h... Read more

    The 02 January 2020 by   Dlittle30
  • Seaing 2020

    Seaing 2020

    It’s funny what sticks in your head. As a ten-year-old 2020 seemed impossibly far in the future. And it was very wet. Not because of global warming, but... Read more

    The 02 January 2020 by   Steveawiggins