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a Spirit of Stupidity Entered Him

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
the following sign was posted in buildings in the Ezras Torah neighborhood of Jerusalem:
a spirit of stupidity entered him
the sign call son local residents to be aware of someone living in a certain building who complained to the police about an avreich who "a spirit of stupidity entered him" and dealt a bit with children. and now, because he was ratted out to the police hsi life has been destroyed and has ever since bee in deep depression. Instead of going to speak with rabbonim he chose to snitch to the police. The author of the sign then calls out the "impure chardak" to leave the neighborhood and says he has no portion in the world to come and should not defile the neighborhood with his presence.
Very strange sign. his "dealing with kids" was just a moment of stupidity and no word about the lives of those kids being possibly ruined and the depression or other troubles they very well might soon find themselves in. The poor avreich who was busy with kids however is now depressed because his life was ruined over one stupid mistake. The kids aren't important, but the avreich perp is.
Also interesting to me is the use of the term "chardak". Until now that term has only been used in reference to Haredi soldiers in the IDF. there is no other indication in the letter that this person is a soldier, though it is possible - but if not, it is interesting they call him a chardak because he went to the police. So now anybody they don't like who doesn't toe the line is a chardak, and not just soldiers...
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