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When Staying In's Struggle... Paperblog Pick in Diaries

When Staying In's a Bit of a Struggle...

It's the last day of the holidays today. Thank heavens. The time before various upheavals seems so long ago, I can hardly remember it. Soothing, splendid routine. Read more


  • No Nonsense Leggings and Tights! #spon

    Nonsense Leggings Tights! #spon

    I received both a pair of No Nonsense Leggings and Tights to try out.  I was looking into leggings, but had no idea where to start so when I received these I wa... Read more

    The 04 January 2013 by   Jamie Gall
  • Are School Days the Best Days of Your Life?

    School Days Best Your Life?

    My gorgeous boy, is off to school in a couple of weeks.He is uber excited and feels he is all grown up.I am excited for him. In the first year of school they... Read more

    The 12 January 2013 by   Taveren37
  • the Moth Grand Slam Winner Tara Clancy

    Moth Grand Slam Winner Tara Clancy

    someone whose star is rising! our bud tara telling her moth grand slam winning story. i wrote about that show, link, and posted another tara video here. Read more

    The 31 January 2013 by   Evolutionnow
  • Bake With Me - Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie ♥

    Bake With Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie

    Something a little bit different on here today; One of my resolutions this year has been to do more baking (cooking in general) - and in an attempt to stick to... Read more

    The 03 January 2013 by   Sarahhhp
  • My Journey with The Crazy Algorithm of Love

    Journey with Crazy Algorithm Love

    It is still a little hard to believe that I have written a book worth 80000+ words and its actually published. It’s still seems like an elaborate fairy-tale to... Read more

    The 15 January 2013 by   Rajrupa
  • Purple ~ The Color of Me ~ Lavendar, Grape, Royal... Purple

    Purple Color Lavendar, Grape, Royal...

    Today’s (optional) prompt: What color defines you? Your five minutes starts now… Join Stream of Consciousness Sunday - click on the image to visit Jana's... Read more

    The 06 January 2013 by   Juliejordanscott
  • Beating the Bishop

    Beating Bishop

    The Church of England continues to get its collective cassock in a twirl attempting to respond to the social changes beating down the cathedral door. Read more

    The 28 January 2013 by   Jackscott
  • A Haunted Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood!

    Haunted Scavenger Hunt Hollywood!

    I have ALWAYS wanted to go on some kind of scavenger hunt.  I knew they were a ton of fun, and it allowed for your mind to get utilized in a way we don’t... Read more

    The 15 January 2013 by   Jamie Gall
  • Budons - Not All Stationery is the Same - Product Review

    Budons Stationery Same Product Review

    Not all stationery is the same. Thank goodness. That would make things a little boring.With Budons you can mix 'em, swap 'em, trade 'em and collect 'em. Read more

    The 05 January 2013 by   Taveren37
  • Rustic Country Bedroom - After!

    Rustic Country Bedroom After!

    Here is my attempt at Rustic Country! All bedding is from TJMaxx! I am trying to create a "gallery" wall... still looking for more prints/quotes/black white... Read more

    The 28 January 2013 by   Thealyway


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